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  1. Well i called the bike shop today and they told me that you can't buy frost plugs for it. (actually they said it doesnt have frost plugs and that they were oil drain down plugs). Anyone had this problem before or know where to buy them or if they are in fact replaceable.
  2. Didnt get it drained in time. I was away for a month when the cold spell hit. It was half frozen when i got home and put the heat to it to drain it. Thought i might have caught it in time but....
  3. I went to start my bike up for the first time this spring, ran great. Shut it off and decided to change the oil before going for a ride. Oil was full of water. Took it apart and everything looked good, replaced the gaskets and tried it again. same problem. I noticed inside my head are what look like frost plugs. Anyone know if thats what they are. And if so how hard are they to get out and replace?
  4. No, its not the cover gasket im referring to but right inside the head on the bottom. Their right beside the sparkplug hole.
  5. On top of my head, between the two cams and on either side of the sparkplug are these 2, what looks like, rubber grommets of some kind. Was just wondering if anyone could tell me what these are?
  6. Does minnosota title dirt bikes, just bought one from there?
  7. Well, this morning i went to start my bike and the starter wasn't turning the bike over. Thought i broke the starter gear but it was way worse. The heads of the six bolts that hold my flywheel on were sitting in the magneto and the stator was ruined. Im guessing, for whatever reason, the bolts must have loosened up. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. ill check that out in the morning. maybe get a new stat too to be sure. Thanx for the help:thumbsup: Mike
  9. boiling inside the rad
  10. Temp light comes on, its blowing fluid ot the overflow and steaming off the rads. It seems to stay cool when riding although i didn't go far, but when i come to a stop it starts steaming bad
  11. Fan is working and it is only when it idles
  12. yes i have put the s housing on the e head. i have tried it with and without the thermostat and it still overheats. The thermostat may be sticking. It worked fine when i took it of the s though.
  13. i bled it out, and loosened the top screw on the left rad witch fixed my air lock
  14. Well i found the problem. The exhaust shims were 318 and 315 and the intake were 278 and 279. The same with my old head. But I put a wiseco piston in and i think the valve grooves in the top of the piston are different. So i switched the intake shims with the exhaust shims and it works mint. Now i have an overheating problem. No airlocks and its circulating. There shouldn't be a difference in an 01 400e head gasket and an 02 400s should there. i looked them over pretty good before putting it in but i cant seem to figure out why its overheating. Any suggestions?? Thanx for the help guys Mike