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  1. ttrforu

    ttr125 carb swap

    Hey guys, I had my mechanic install a mikuni VM26mm carb on my ttr125 and he can't get it jetted correctly. He's having trouble finding the p-49 needle jet that I'm told that I need. I read the entry about the yz-80 carb swap and thats how I got the idea to do the mod. My mechanic said something about having different series of mikuni 26 mm round slide carbs. Is he right? If so, am I using the right carb? Where do I find this needle jet? He has already talked to sudco and for some reason they told him that they can't get a p-49 jet for this series? I'm not good with carbs at all, I think that everything should be injected, so is there any one out there that can give me some advice?
  2. ttrforu

    TTR 125L The newer, the worse?

    I own a 2005 ttr125le and it has been a great piece! starts perfect every time.(Every honda I've had seemed to be cold blooded) Try a set of bark busters (moose etc.), that will probably cure the handle bar problem. I've done may mods to mine, big bore, yz suspension, air box mod, k&n filter, big gun exhaust etc. It lacked power off the show room but the little guy rips now! I haven't had any starter problems yet. Iget into a lot of deep water and mud so I'm all the time taking apart wheels, air filter to clean and re-oil. My honest opinion is that it is a great starter bike but can be modded out enough for further experienced riders, and I would reccommend this bike to anyone.
  3. ttrforu


    great choice! i own one myself, did all the bbr hi-po mods, little guy rips!