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  1. eddiev

    yzf 400 carb hesitation

    I have a 99 also and I think spending time with the jetting helps a lot and I bolted on a part called a P38 from Factory R&D. It helped even more!!! Good Luck!!
  2. eddiev

    Comments on 99YZ400f

    I have owned my '99 since new. I haven't ever replaced the valves and I have only replaced the seals once. I race novice class in motocross and I am moving to expert in the desert. I replace the oil and filter after every race and after every third trail ride. I have so many hours/miles on it it's not even funny. I have never had a problem starting or restarting after a fall. I worked for a yamaha dealer so I replaced the piston and rings once a year that's all. Be prepared to crash though. It's heavy and fast, but it's also the most fun I have ever had on a bike. Get it practice and enjoy!!!