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  1. kpm1221

    New Carb Choke Plunger

    Well, I had the infamous stuck choke issue that is well documented in this forum. I removed the plunger, and had to replace due to excessive damage in the process. 2001 TTR 125L When I ordered the replacement from Yamaha (they call it the starter set) it looks completely different. The new plunger does not have a slot for the cable to fit into. It has a little flange on the top of the plunger rod. I also ordered a new cable at the same time, as the cable also snapped during the removal process. The cable looks identical to the old. My question is - how do I now connect this new plunger to the cable? there's no 'slot' for the cable 'rod' to fit into... Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to post a picture to help illustrate the issue. Thanks in advance. KPM
  2. kpm1221

    TTR 125 Fork seal replacement

    I need to replace my fork oil seals on '01 125 L...I guess I need a damper rod holder tool -which nobody seems to stock and is quite pricey...any help appreciated. KPM