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  1. canyonman

    Finally made it to Randsburg

    Stop at the Whitehouse Saloon! I do a lot of work at China Lake. One day I decided to see what's in Randsburg and stopped in at the Whitehouse Saloon. What a huge surprise, I found that my Fraternity Brother from Purdue owns the place, geeze, it had been almost 30 years!!!!! Town is Very friendly toward dirt bikers, as long as you're civil about the whole thing. If you get to Randsburg, be sure to stop in at the Whitehouse and say hi to Jim!!! Best burgers and coldest beers in town! Middle of nowhere, not at all, Literally every road and trail leads somewhere. Another town, dry lake, old miners claim, or a hidden mineshaft. Gotta be careful! John (Canyonman)
  2. canyonman

    XR 400 on the MX track

    My neighbor's kid who races the 250 and 450(?)CRFs took the XR250 for a ride, and promptly said that the suspension needs to be stiffer. While I'd agree to that to ride hard and do MX jumps the XR would needed to be stiffened up, the XR was designed as a play bike, and something to blast through the woods or take the length of Baja, not as an MX bike. Also, he was competing here in So. Cal. where even the amature class is VERY compeitive and extremely well prepped. On the other hand, upgrading the suspension might not be all that expsneive, compared to bottoming out and breaking your back as it slaps up and whacks you! But, since I broke my back a few years back (ejecting from a BSA thumper at near max speed in the desert) I tend to ride slower and want softer now. I like the XR pretty much as it is. It's still much stiffer and has tons more travel than the old Beezers!
  3. canyonman

    04 XR250 problem

    Thanks, Already checked all of the above, and all seem OK. Disconnected the kill switch, still no spark, and used a new spare plug to check spark too. I'm always suspect of connections since we ride in areas with names like arroya salada, etc. Resistor in the plug connector, have to check that out. Gotta dig up a digital volt meter I guess. Still, anyone know of common problem areas? Sounds like these are pretty solid in the electrics?
  4. Even with the bug with the 04, I'm looking for an XR 250 for myself. Not sure if new or xlnt cond used. If new, since Honda dropped this sweet bike, anyone suggest an alternative? If xlnt used, anyone know of any for sale for a good price in Calif?
  5. canyonman

    04 XR250 problem

    HELP!! I grew up on Victor 441s and BSA500 singles (still got the 500 I bought new and another 441 in boxes waiting to get the time to restore it) so I know how to keep thumpers running, even when they seemed to be built not to run! An XR should be a piece of cake!! right? Bought an 04 XR-250 for my son, and it's been giving us fits! At first it was just hard to start, somtimes it just wouldn't fire, sometimes it would take a lot of kicking. Checked the valves and they were a tad tight. After a valve adjust, it started on first or second kick nearly every time, hot or cold. But now it suddenly just flat won't run. My son took it out for a ride "around the other side of the mountain" and that's where it died. He pushed it back to camp (what a kid!) and yep, it just won't start. Pulled the plug wire and there doesn't appear to be any spark. Points are easy, even if it's got a capacitor in place of the battery. But, electronic ignition modules and pulse sensors and.......? Are these prone to coil or ignition module failures? Any thoughts on testing, etc? For the first time in my life (which has been a while since I rode the British stuff when it was the hot ticket) I may have to take a bike to, oh no, a mechanic! Help!! John