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  1. Is this thread really five years old? the 1978 XL 125 has a six volt electrical system and uses the battery for the excess voltage resivoir. The headlight runs straight off the alternator so it cannot run the battery down when the bike is not running. both front and rear brake have switches to turn on stop light and the turn signals have a primitive 6v flasher. these bikes like a lot of suction to pull fuel up into the carburetor to vaporize it. That can be negated by fooling with the airbox and air filter. they like some restriction like all Hondas. mine starts cold best with full choke and no throttle. As soon as it is running cut to 1/2 choke and after a minute none. The little overhead cam 125 CC engine will run if it gets the basics. 1. Atomized fuel, 2. Proper spark. 3. Air through the factory intake system ie airbox, air filter, plenum,carburetor and intake manifold. What screws things up is: Owner improvements. Neglect and dirt where there should be fuel. The vast majority of starting problems can be traced to fuel not getting in. The easiest test of the ignition is to remove the spark plug and squirt in ether based starting fluid. If ther is spark it will pop. Best of luck bringing back your little SL, XL, CB CL. CT after all they're all Hondas.
  2. Definitely new and starting off controversial. I bought the first available at Mesa Verde Motorsports in Cortez, Colorado. I am breaking it in in the mountain roads both paved and dirt. The suspension is dialed in. Getting 80 MPG on the first tank of gas. The built in luggage/helmet compartment is very convenient. I now have 150 miles on it and am looking forward to burning off the risk of "infant mortality." After the first oil change at 1000 miles I plan on taking it across the Navajo reservation to Flagstaff.
  3. I have several of this vintage. They are old enough that they need constant care and maintainance. Since they are kickstarters you will get plenty of exercise. Good luck.
  4. I would definitely use this issue as a bargaining chip. Offer $2600 and immediately plan on a carb boil out and cleaning. My Mikuni BST 40 was awful until I thoroughly cleaned it. the code here is thorough.
  5. I have been caring for my DR 650 (built in June 1994) for a long time and am stumped by the new erratic needle swings of the tach. I am guessing that the impulse is coming from the CDI and decoded in the tach. With each rev of the engine the needle will peg itself and then bounce between 600 and 3000-4000 rpm. I hope it is a simple ground that is intermittent but cannot find anyone who knows anything about these electric tachometers.
  6. Took me three carb overhauls before I got all the jets clean. My bike did the same as yours, good test ride waful ride home. I suspect it had not beeen ridden much and some varnish got in the way. If it run s OK wide open then it's the idle or low jet.
  7. I had to change the chain and sprockets on my '95 DR 650 due to XS wear. The Suzuki factory chain DID 525 O ring arrived in a circle with no removable master link or replaceable swaged link. I am looking for a replaceable Master Link that I can remove to clean the chain. I guess the factory expects you to remove the swing arm to swap chains. All the smaller off road bikes that I have owned have had removable Master Links. Anyone with experience? Suziki DR 650, Honda XR 350R, 250 R, 200 R, and 250 L. Yamaha XL225 Serow Can't have too many bikes!
  8. Pull the carb and clean the jets well. I had to do this three times before I got my DR650 running properly.
  9. Cleaned the plug, changed the oil and gas and a few judicious kicks. Honda 1985XR350R, Honda 1985 XL250R, and 1995 Suzuki DR650 E
  10. I just went through 4 months of the same misery as you. the Mikuni HST40 has to be clean to work well. You're jsut going to have to tear down the carb and clean it out.
  11. I have a '95 that I bought with less than 4K miles. I had to clean the varnish from the carburator and since it has been a new bike. I would like to see a list of the '96 upgrades because i can't see them. Same engine same carb. BTW I talked yesterday with a KLR 650 owner whose voltage regualtor died and left him high and dry. I really like mine!
  12. finally found the problem-gummy gas in the float bowl. Boiled it out with carb cleaner and it runs like new, yeah. volare
  13. As far as I can tell this carb has been used of the DR 650 since 92to the present. I seem to be having airleak problems. Idle dies at stop lights and won't re-start for 2-5 minutes. Any insight?
  14. Why not trade it for an XR250R. the RFVC engine is foolproof and full of torque. I am rebuilding an '85 XR200R, only one of two years with the RFVC motor.