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  1. desrtrdr

    most broke items on ur bikes

    just clutch levers. but one time i was doing a wheelie 4th pinned, and went too far... bent the subframe,and smashed the silencer.
  2. dont worry your truck will pull it with no problem.
  3. desrtrdr

    2 stroke

  4. desrtrdr

    2 stroke

    i think 4 strokes are for lazy and rich people.
  5. desrtrdr

    best loading style

    it would be much easier if you had a longbed.
  6. desrtrdr

    cr 125

    well im 6'0 and weigh 165. do you think im a good size for that bike?
  7. desrtrdr

    cr 125

    is the 06 husky cr-125 a good bike? does it do good on trails? motocross tracks against 250fs? does it ride ok at the sand dunes? and is it a good bike for me to switch to from an 85?
  8. desrtrdr

    2 stroke trail rider

    i ride 2 stroke on trails, as long as your on the pipe you will be fine. and you shouldnt have problems with your spark plug, because i still use the stock spark plug from 2003 and my bike starts first kick every time. and i ride my bike every day with no trail problems, you shouldnt either with a 2 stroke.
  9. desrtrdr

    What was the worst bike you have ever owned?

    1980 kawasaki KE100
  10. desrtrdr

    2 stroke

    why are japanese bike companys stop making 2 stroke?