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    So, 05 has the aluminum frame, 06 improved the suspension, and nothing non-cosmetic has changed since? What year did the 6-speed return? Can I have a post with nothing but questions?
  2. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this question. Please feel free to direct me elsewhere if needed. I was going to be in southern California from Dec 23 - Dec 29. The weekend is 26,27,28. I'd love to go watch a local motrcycle race. A weekend night speedway race or a desert race would be my first choices, but I'd go to almost anything with 2 wheels. Is there anywhere that has a schedule of events in the area? I wasn't having much luck searching. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I have a 05 450F and would like to get something where I could switch between being a bit quieter than stock for MX and being MN woods-compliant (SA and <= 96db) without too much work. I like the idea of some kind of an end-cap thing, because it can be so much cheaper than a slip-on. My friend really likes his Pro Moto Billet, because it's quieter w/o the insert and wods-ready with it. I know they advertise on here, but I was wondering about other, similar-concept ones. I know a DB-Dawg (which I never tried) for an 02 won't work because the 05 exhaust bends right away after the opening. I would be OK losing some power, if it was relatively cheap, and didn't make it overheat in the woods or lose low-end throttle response. Thanks in advance for any actual-use experience you can pass along. Hopefully, this won't trigger a "why we should quiet down" debate. This is kind of being shoved down our throats here in MN, yeah, you betcha. We probably lead the country in anti-access groups and senators who love to be seen with them on TV (luckily we have good people here to fight them, but its a tough battle sometimes). Sound has been their lever of choice lately. I figure my 450 has enough power that I could lose some to help take the lever away.
  4. MX Bob

    Would KW have a hollow feeling

    Reed was a bit fortunate to get second. If Millsaps, Ferry, and Hill wouldn't have all messed their race up, any of them could have finished in front of him. Now that he has another week to heal, I'm not sure that opportunity will come back. So all you asterick attachers, would this be a double asterick if Windham wins the championship? I would say no. Reed has been pushing it that extra bit, which is why he's won so many races, but it's also bitten him a few times. Windham may as fast as JS or CR, but he's avoided the big crash. If that and 4-5 wins is enough for a championship, he deserves it.
  5. MX Bob

    Where are all the Chad Reed bashers now?

    It's hard to believe this thread is still going. I didn't read everything, but looks like it got into US foreign policy among other barely-related topics.
  6. MX Bob

    02-04 - same forks as 05-07 ?

    Thank you. That's what I suspected, but wasn't quite sure how to look it up. Definitely don't want to lose any improvements or make it turn like an 02.
  7. I have an 02, with the correct springs rates for me, that I am going to be selling soon. I recently bought an 05 that is ready to go except the springs are way too stiff for me. Swapping the shock springs is not that big of a deal, but fork springs are quite a bit of work. I was thinking of swapping the fork legs. I'm wondering if the internals improved or if the geometry would be different between an 02 and 05. If I lose anything on the 05 by doing it, I would just swap out the springs. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Trying to keep this to MOTORCYCLING and not cameras, I was wondering if anyone out there has though of a clever way to rig the camera up in your riding gear so it's less noticeable, assuming it's too hot outside for a jacket-type thing. I'm thinking of using a sport camera instead of an external lense to an existing camera, if that matters.
  9. MX Bob

    I'm sick of all you...

    This is probably a bad forum to frequent if you don't like threads talking about superficial things (I don't so I'm not here often). It seems most of the threads on here are ones such as "This rider wasn't nice to me at an autograph session" or "This rider's girlfriend has fake boobs" or "He's winning because <insert favorite rider name> wasn't there". Even just posting this, I'll probably be accused of being a "fan" or a "hater" of someone. Seems more like a gossip board half the time. That's what you should expect and if you find something with substance, then that's a good day.
  10. It's too bad they can't race straight up for it, but 6 points is pretty close. I think there are enough fast riders to get in between them, Stroupe and Weimer come to mind, but everything will really need to fall in place for Dungey to win it. Two months is a long time to wait. Wonder if either of them will race a 450 out east.
  11. MX Bob

    Where are all the Chad Reed bashers now?

    I'm really sorry I started this thread. I will not mention him by name again. Might add that Ferry is older than Windham. So it was the unmentionable one and 2 "old guys" filling out the podium at Houston.
  12. MX Bob

    Ryan Dungey???

    I thought he raced A a few times before his first national and then raced (and I think won?) some AX races prior to last year's SX season. I think that was enough to get him in. It's not that tough to get a pro licence. Being able to afford to pre-enter every event before the season starts is what's tough for privateers.
  13. MX Bob

    Where are all the Chad Reed bashers now?

    Where's Jeremy McGrath when you need him? He had riding skills and PR skills. When someone was tallying these up, I'm not sure if I was counted as a fan or a hater. Can't say I'm really a fan or hater of anyone. I respect all the pros for the way they can ride, but have never been an autograph guy. I can't really say I hate any rider. The twits that are trying to take our sport away are the ones we should look at as enemies. How long will RC be a comparison point? He was great and probably still could be, but he's retired, so move on. Stewert is injured. I don't remember seeing astericks by people's name when other riders got hurt in their prime. Hannah, RJ, Bailey, McGrath (97) all were favored to win, but got hurt pre or mid-season. I do agree that he should make the most of this year, because Stewert and eventually RV will have more speed. One thing this thread shows, most people have very strong feelings one way or another about Reed.
  14. MX Bob

    Where are all the Chad Reed bashers now?

    This went further than I thought it might. I was wondering if I'd be labeled a Chad Defender, but I wasn't really. I don't really care about personalities much. He's the fastest and most determined of the guys out there right now. Does Stewert have more raw speed indoors and out? No doubt about that, but he's been hurt. It will be interesting when RV and some of the other fast Lites guys move up.
  15. I don't get on this forum too often, but I seem to remember that last summer/fall, about every other post started or evolved into a "Why Chad Reed Sucks" theme. Not seeing too many of those now. If nothing else I thought I'd see "If RC was there", If Stewart wasn't hurt", or "If K-Dub showed up every week" kind of excuses as to why he wins every week. It's pretty simple - Big 3 - 2 of them = Reed winning.