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  1. acjjkamp

    The ride-less ride report (part II - Into the Park)

    spritzle or schantee is what is served to the "minors" in europe. it's a mix of beer and soda. waste of a perfectly good beer...
  2. acjjkamp

    The ride-less ride report (part II - Into the Park)

    cool, underage here, but not to the rest of the world spritzle or schantee
  3. acjjkamp

    The ride-less ride report (part II - Into the Park)

    those pics were great! thanks for sharing looks like you had an awesome adventure (again)
  4. acjjkamp

    The ride-less ride report (part II - Into the Park)

    wow!!! that's all I can say. wow
  5. acjjkamp

    Need Pismo Info

    try this place for atv rentals: Steve's ATV rentals http://www.yellowbook.com/profile/steves-atv-rental_1537417099.html?addressId=0
  6. acjjkamp

    A newbies tales of 450x & riding again

    you sound like me, I rode a YZ125 in the late 70's, nothing for almost 30 years (on dirt), 89 RM250 to get back into it, and now an '06 450X (yes I'm old in years, not mentally though) any bike bag will work great, or an A3 bag.
  7. acjjkamp

    Need recommendations for 450X battery

    cheap brand ~$30 is still going strong 3 years later. my stock Yusa died 6 months after I got it
  8. mine looked just like that. healed on it's own w/o any problems. what i'm concerned about is that zipper....that's gonna hurt taking out I'm surprized they let you wear your sweater
  9. acjjkamp

    Headlight bulb

    JAT, on the stock X, which one are you using? the H1ST silver star?
  10. acjjkamp

    KLR 650 v DR 650. Which one?

    good question. I'm looking at both bikes too, just not sure yet which one....
  11. acjjkamp

    So long Nor-Cal......hello Central Coast

    Welcome to the central coast. Closest place to ride near SLO and PR for you is Pozo
  12. acjjkamp

    Cleaning the inside of the gas tank?

    get a can of liquid Gunk carb cleaner, use the whole bottle, seal off the tank and get a good arm workout. rinse it out with some gas. I did this on my '82 GS to get all the old varnish out and it worked great
  13. acjjkamp

    Today's DS ride - Lets kill Old-Man - LOL

    looks like you had a good time OM, even with all the stops,... looks like a good ride area w/o the heat. I am, and am not, looking forward to my first ride some time soon...
  14. looks like an awsome ride, thanks for posting
  15. acjjkamp

    Broken collar bone!

    this the same one that broke it before? i broke mine 3 weeks ago...not fun