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  1. dj250r

    Can you help me out? (TRX90)

    http://www.robbsracingengines.com/ these guys build the best trx 90s that can be found anywhere take a look D
  2. dj250r

    New RCM125sx?

    RCM125sx? seen these on ebay and also heard they went belly up and closed up shop can u still get parts for the RCM bike? D
  3. I have a 05 thumpstar 120 and need an exploded veiw of motor it the motor that shifts all up 1 through 4 thanks for any help in advance Dwyane
  4. dj250r

    OGM pitbike

    I heard they got evicted over extended stuff like that went by the building where they were and there all gone except the trash they left behind the 06 bike looked really nice and I wanted one
  5. dj250r

    SSR pit bikes

    Had a 04 crf 50 with a bar kit and a pipe im 6,4 and i likesd it very much had a great time cruzin around Elsinores 50 track on it D
  6. dj250r

    thumpstar + or -

    Ilike our thumpstar 120 need better suspenion but i didnt pay for it I got the low end one for my son and iv been riding it its too much fun to stay off D
  7. dj250r

    3rd Gear On Pitbike Help Needed.

    im haveing that same problem called the dealer and ordered a puller to pull the engine apart and a 3rd and 4th gear ( think 3rd is bad ) they said they had problems with it so they sent it as a update kit all gaskets and gears ill let you know if it helped Dwayne
  8. dj250r

    Good Deal Or Rip Off?

    it didnt fit a thumpstar every thing was wrong so we sent it back Dwayne
  9. dj250r

    Look what China has copyed

    shipping be huge to CA lol what the dollar to dollar raito between US and AU Dwayne
  10. dj250r

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    What Kind Of Bike Did You Get? Klx? D
  11. dj250r

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    Is there a good copy of these bikes im 6 4 and 220lbs and im lookng for a pit bike that I can ride faster the thumpstar and the crf 50 seem to small and my knees take a beating Dwayne
  12. dj250r

    my piece of poo mini quad

    what kind of mini quad are you talking about ? Dwayne
  13. dj250r

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    its not really the plastic its the seat it just feels better for me ( big fat guy ) lol D
  14. dj250r

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    thats what im thinking its the fit im lookin for Dwayne
  15. dj250r

    Klx,drz 110 Copys?

    humm 2 weeks
  16. dj250r

    KLX 110 racing a Thumpstar

    dosnt sound right just cause the kid was black and fat,it was funny ??? ill race ya i got a thumpstar and im 40 at 200lbs and i ride it like im in the NHL lol D
  17. dj250r

    thumpstar rear wheel

    looking for a replacement wheel for the thumpstar 120 it has a 10" wheel now and i want to go 12" it also needs a new hub most of the spokes pulled thruogh when the kid put a huge side load on it thanks in advance for any help Dwayne
  18. dj250r

    RCM 125sx 2006?

    Id give ya 1200 for it but the shipping would kill me and id have to sell the thumpstar D
  19. dj250r

    Thumpstar `120

    only seems to do it in 3rd while on the gas i hope it clears up Dwayne
  20. dj250r

    Thumpstar `120

    got my son a thumpstar 120 and the 1st thing i did was change the engine oil and replace those crappy King tires well everything work good and its a fun bike but 3rd gear seems to learch and slip while on the gas its done it a couple of times you guys got to know whats going on there seems to be allot of knowledge about these bikes here on thumper talk thanks in advance Dwayne
  21. dj250r

    GPX motors in stock April 25th!!!

    was thinking of getting one of those bikes whats wrong with those motors ? Dwayne
  22. dj250r

    New To Pit Bikes...Help please

    I Got a 50 i might get rid of Dwayne