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  1. jkylnhyde

    What chain and sprocket should I buy

    Beautiful words spoken above
  2. jkylnhyde

    Make your 2014 air box sand friendly!

    Sand will drain out the slit in the bottom of the airbox.. get an Outerwears.. The one for the 2012 works perfect.. then before I put my filter in I grease the metal ring on the airbox where it meets the edge of the filter. ... never had a problem with this one or my 12 or my 11.. It actually works better than the under the seat filter design on most other bikes... I have over 300 hours on all 3 yamaha I have/had and I don't have a problem.. never have and I have wrecked every way possible..
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  4. jkylnhyde

    looking for a flag mount for a 14 YZ450f

    buy the behind the rear fender mount listed above... I have that one also... It isnt as good as the ones off the side, but they stay in place and out of the way...well worth the 35$ I keep the rear fender one from HRF in my trailer and bring it to the dunes just to let people borrow it after they show up with the one that mounts to the axle I am sure you could call HRF and ask them to make one and they would be happy to if they have a 2014 bike available.. i had theirs on my 2012 yz450, and a few other bikes... they make a nice piece and for the price it is well worth it.. IF they start making them i will buy another one for backup... but i have been running this style for 6 years and have yet to destroy one. All though i have the same 2 friends that have destroyed them multiple times Make sure you get an Outerwears for the filter... The one for the 2012 works perfectly.. the first time you go wreck on a upslope the airbox fills with sand... the outerwares is the ticket and then all the sand just falls out the hole in the bottom of the airbox.. i dont ride anywhere with the outerwears... and protect that engine vent that runs to the bottom of the frame... It is a sand sucker for sure.. i routed mine into the airbox (but this still up for debate) and have ran my 2012 and my 2014 this way... you just got to drain the moisture out of it every once and awhile And a stabilizer is awesome also!!
  5. jkylnhyde

    looking for a flag mount for a 14 YZ450f

    All i ride anymore is dunes.. So i made mine...I have been waiting for this company (HRF) to start making them for the 2014... but so far nothing yet... so i just made the same thing... I have used the behind the fender one they have listed here.. http://www.hrfwhipmounts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3447737... but it isnt as good as one to the side in my opinion
  6. jkylnhyde

    Custom Seat covers?

    I used fusion graphix this time and am overly impressed with what i recieved https://www.fusiongraphix.com/c886/seat-covers
  7. jkylnhyde

    Flag Mounts

    http://www.hrfwhipmounts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/3447771 This is what I have been using for years
  8. jkylnhyde

    paddle tire to linkage clearance

    it is going to hit for sure.. the tire will expand at full speed.. the paddle will either wear itself down or it will chunk a slice of each paddle off in the center on all 10 paddles.. Dont forget to remove or cut the rear shock guard or it will just rip it off in the first 3 minutes of riding And stock gearing would have been more than fine
  9. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    its an 07, for sure just dont have a picture.. but that would be funny if it was a 92' instead. lol:p
  10. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    yep those are the brackets they sent him! Its my friends bike so i will have to get the picture... See how those brackets have bends in and out? Those bends are not needed! if it wasnt for those bends it would bolt right up.. the head stay is the same thickness as the factory head... The only difference is that the phathead mount (head stay) is lower instead of raised (like factory)
  11. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    yeah very strange.... They sent him another different set, but they didnt work either... they have no pictures, and swear the bike has been modded.. well i was with him when he bought it new off the showroom floor, so that rules that out.. he only bought the head because UPS lost his after he senmt it out and need a quick replacement to get back out at the track.. its been anything but quick.. lol looks like he will have to make some custom brackets:bonk:
  12. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    i have talked to them on the phone and they dont have any pictures...
  13. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    BUMP!!! to the top:p
  14. jkylnhyde

    2005-2007 KX250 Phathead Racing Head

    Damn, nobody? lol:lol:
  15. anybody with a 2005-2007 KX250 running a phathead racing head? Ive got a friend who bought one of these and with the headstay mounts they sent him plus an extra set cant get the headstay to bolt up... so if you have one of these, could you please and i mean please take a picture so i can see how and if he has the right brackets.. Thanks in advance:bonk: