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  1. We were out riding at proctor valley this weekend and was asked to leave the area by the cops. For me, this is a real shame. Granted we know riding there is not legal. Because the valley is lightly enfored, convient, its an easy get away for a day of excellent riding. I hoped that if we treaded lightly, pack out what we pack in, don't make a nusense of our selves, the area could be available for a long time. But in the last year the place has turned in to a mess. People were drag racing in groups through the main road, which is considered the street. No helmets, gloves, tee shirts, at max speeds. People in cars traveling through the road must think they were in a Mad Max movie. Through out the valley I see dumped mattress, broken glass, torn down signs, furniture, appliances, cross travel and trash. I really don't think the riders are the trash dumpers, but we're viewed and lumped in to the same bunch. And I don't beleive the drag racers without safety gear represent the core of the true sport riders. But again we get lumped together. If there is an injury or death, its another black mark for the sport. Its a no win for all. Next time it'll be cops and tickets instead of a warning from a helicopter PA. I can't really blame the cops or land owners. Edirtrider
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    Small Dual-Sport

    I have a honda 1989 nx125, dual sport. A little heavy at 220lbs for a 125. Its a little lacking in the street, but great on the trails for newer short riders. The electric start, lighter weight and low seat is great in tight spots.