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  1. jbe

    06 yz250 no spark

    Hey I've got an 06 250, just rebuilt from the ground up, went to start and no spark. I've tested all the connections from the owners manual, and swapped ecu from another 250, but no luck. Can anyone help? Maybe something I've missed? Only thing I haven't yet tested is the wire harness.
  2. I'm thinking of putting stock 2015 yz450f on my 2006 yz250 smoker so I can have the rubber mounts. Does anybody know if there's anything else I would have to change over to fit the clamps? Anything like different wheel spacers or something of that sort?
  3. jbe

    Case Cleaning

    If your cases are completely apart, Berings seals and all. I like to use red scotch brite and Mr clean, then use a brilo pad and hot water. Gives it a cool factory look. And then just wash out thoroughly
  4. jbe

    Yz250 flywheel

    Does anybody know what the weight of the fly wheel in the 2016 yz250x? I wanna know if it's heavier to put it in my yz250 mx bike for a bit more bottom end