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  1. WR Bob

    RE: Yamaha's New Larger Front Brake Rotor Kit

    I cannot recall the exact diameter - I think the diameter is approx. 25-30mm larger than stock.
  2. WR Bob

    RE: Yamaha's New Larger Front Brake Rotor Kit

    When the stock caliper mount broke on my '06 WR450, I went to the oversize EBC kit because Yam wouldn't have the replacement part soon enough. So, in addition to getting a more robust mounting bracket, I also benefitted from the O/S rotor. IMHO, I didn't notice an appreciable difference in stopping power. So, I would not spend the $$ for it just for the 'improved' stopping power. It was worth it for me to be able to go riding instead of waiting for the Yam part.
  3. Yoda I have an '06 450, weigh 185 and found it impossible to set my fork to my liking, regardless of what I did with oil viscosity, level or 'clicker' adjustments. Believe me when I say I tried everything. I finally bit the bullet and had them re-valved as a last resort. What a difference - I should have had them done the first day I had the bike! The tech said that the low speed compression shim pack was set way too soft right from the factory, and the stroke would blow right past it into the high speed compression, making the fork feel harsh and stiff. It is money well spent to get the fork set-up properly-dratically improves the bikes handling and let's you go way faster
  4. WR Bob

    WR450 on the road

    Ibis, Thanks for the heads up. I'm running max pressure on sidewall - 32 or 33 lbs-with a Moose Heavy Duty tube (almost a tire in itself!) So far it seems firm, but I have already ripped off some of the lugs from the center row. That's while riding on asphalt mind you. The grip is incredible.
  5. WR Bob


    Dear Frustrated, MY 06 450 was completely stock during break in -the pipe turned blue - so did a buddy's 450 that was broke in the same way. I did my mods after break in. No real reason other than wanting to see the result of each mod individually. I think the blue colour is a result of the pipe reaching operating temp for the first time -regardless of mods or not. It will soon fade to a typical exhaust pipe colour. WR Bob
  6. WR Bob

    WR450 on the road

    Thanks for the info Matty. Just picked up a Mitas trials tire to try - wanted to try a trials pattern on the back anyway, so here goes. Was going to try a Michelin (used to ride trials-there is no better trials tire), but with such a soft compound didn;t expect it to last too long. Just found out about Mitas tires the other day...looks good and is less $$. The Mitas has a harder compound so it should wear well. Might even try it on the big Gasser!
  7. WR Bob

    WR450 on the road

    Thanks. I stick to oil changes religously. Oil is cheap compared to engine parts! What do you run for tires?
  8. WR Bob

    WR450 on the road

    thanks for the info. I was wondering what was causing the surge -thought it might be clutch related but am relieved to know that it is jetting related. I neglected to mention that I have perfromed 'the mods' - installed the Yamaha AIS removal kit, grey wire, etc (so far all stock-no aftermarket anything engine-wise)- currently running a 168 main - trying a 170 this week. Riding this thing on the road is a hoot!
  9. WR Bob

    WR450 on the road

    ...just made my 06 450 road legal here in Ontario ('cause I could) and am wondering if any one has experienced any problems with running at 50-60 mph for sustained periods of time, like 15 to 20 minutes steady. I do 99% of my riding off road, but really enjoy roading with it too. I'm running Michelin AC 10's (considering a switch to trials tires if this road thing becomes an obsession), stock gearing (am going up 1 tooth on front jasap) and the oil level is topped up. Looking forward to hearing from anybody.
  10. WR Bob

    Tire changing stuff

    IF using a new tube, use a smattering of baby powder-helps things slide and helps prevent pinching.
  11. WR Bob

    When did you start riding and on what?

    ...got my start on a '73 Z50A. Yep-that thing had a million miles on it when I got it, but I was KING OF THE WORLD!! I could finally go riding with my big brother (he was 10 years older than me & had a '74 TL125). And I was the first kid in town to have a mini-bike The year was '76-just got a brand new BMX bike as a reward for passing gr. 5 at school. The BMXer wasn't even a week old and it was destroyed in a garage fire. :cry One day about a week later, big bro' comes home from work and tells me that he has a new bike for me in the back of his pick up-'Go have a look.' I was expecting it to be a used bicycle to replace the toasted item, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw the "Z". My brother and I had a lot of fun riding together-many fond memories-learned a lot of mechanical things, saw (and was part of) some really nasty 'wipe outs', and did a lot of growing up on those trips. I am thankful to this day for his patience-he;d include me on trail rides that he'd take with his buddies. They had 185's and 250's, so needless to say I was always way behind everyone else. He made it possible for me to get started in something that I think is way cool. And I'm going to pass that on to my kids, to help teach responsibility, mechanical apptitude, patience and a most of all to have fun.
  12. ARin, The bolts are M4 x 0.7 pitch-just ask for M4; 0.7 is the common pitch for this diameter. The length is 12mm, but you can use slightly longer if required. I replaced mine with Allen head capscrews lie the ones on the slide cover at the top of the carb.
  13. Phillips head fasteners are garbage. How many of us have faught and struggled to get those things out of various locations? The only thing that a Phillips head works well on are drywall screws. Allen head socket capscrews are the way to go-the guy who invented these (oddly enough named Allen!!) should have his a** kissed 'til he barks like a fox. I can't replace Phillips heads fast enough on any of my equipment.