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  1. Hello All, There is a white 1997 620 LC4 with 3500 miles on sale for $2,500 dollars in my area and I am trying to determine if this is a good price and second bike for me. I currently ride a kawasaki super sherpa but want a larger dual sport. I am 5'6 so i don't know if the seat height will be an issue or not. Is the 620 an ok street bike or more oriented to dirt. Would it be alright for a 120 + mile ride? How about maintenance and parts? Would I be better off with a DR650? Thanks for all the help.
  2. I am planning a trip from Frederick, MD to Philly at the end of August and was hoping to find some back roads to follow for my route. I am not to worried about time. The reason I would like to use back roads is because I will be taking my 250cc Super Sherpa and would like to stay off highways etc. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. focus

    Bike Security

    No, the Sherpa is not a trials bike. And you better watch out for that Sherpa in your rearview. But seriously, what does everyone think of locking the bike to my car since it is a fixed object like a light post. I was thinking a thick chain/lock and an disc lock as well.
  4. I just got a new Sherpa and am wondering about security. I live in a apt. complex and was thinking about backing my car into a spot with the bike in the rear of the spot and chaining the bike to my car. What size lock/chain/cable should i use? Is it good enough to chain it to my car's underbelly? All advice is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I am new to motorcycling and was looking for some advice. I am a 5'6 160 male, will be taking MSF course in a month, will be riding probably 90% street 10% dirt for time being. I am looking for a dual sport, either 250 or 650. I sat on the dr650 and I could barely touch the ground. I have only ever ridded once or twice as a kid on a dirt bike. My questions are: 1. If i buy the sherpa,250cc, will it be to small for me, will it be able to go over 65-70mph 2. would it be better to go with the 650 and take it easy at first and grow into the bike? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks.