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  1. 228MX

    the landing for rider appreciation day?

    Dave sold the place?
  2. 228MX

    the landing for rider appreciation day?

    I thought your bike was broken?
  3. 228MX

    Coca-cola Finished!!!

    KX you never ride anymore so what's the diff? I know your scared of the old man whippin ya. j/k. That's a shame about CC If only some elected state official would see the need for a "riding area" not a racing park in this part of the state. If your interested in getting your doors blow off PM me we'll go riding.
  4. 228MX

    RM65 Auto Clutch

    I just picked up an 03 RM65 from my son. Looking into an auto clutch. Not sure what to buy. Any help would be great! Thanks Guys
  5. 228MX

    Southern Maryland ATV Park???

    Yeah Kirkster if your new to the sport it's a great place to learn without the fear of someone coming off a double and landing on ya. BTW welcome to the sport the more guys we get to ride the stronger we become.
  6. 228MX

    Southern Maryland ATV Park???

    Depends on what type of rider you are....beginner rider fun track nothing scary. If your a good rider and like big jumps I would agree with YZ250fpegged.
  7. 228MX

    Contee Pit in MD

    RM250Guy 40years old is still young but not that young I prefer free riding now ....the racing part is over for me
  8. 228MX

    Rocket Raceway Worth the Drive!!!!

    I'm retired as well...just ride for fun....Practice track would be great.....Let me know the progress.....
  9. 228MX

    Rocket Raceway Worth the Drive!!!!

    MX Huggy I'm in set the date.....Hey RM250GUY where are you in Maryland? I'm in Severna Park near Annapolis.
  10. 228MX

    Stolen bikes in MD (TTR-125LE RM250)

    Hey KX you got my cell. Your always to busy lately.....Call me or PM me...need some one to chase around
  11. 228MX

    Stolen bikes in MD (TTR-125LE RM250)

    Luke that sucks I'll spread the word....I'll check the local spots down my way...between Glen Burnie and Annapolis. B
  12. 228MX

    Contee Pit in MD

    good luck on the race I'm away that weekend. Are you training? Let me know if you need some one to chase ya down
  13. 228MX

    Contee Pit in MD

    Hey KXfreak bloody pond is just as sketchy as Contee just the other side of town. I rode there about 10 years ago, but now it way diff. Don't chance it. PM me i'll give a the location like i said not a good area. btw i saw a backhoe @ CCD yesterday. I got off work early and headed down to a friends in Pasadena for some single track....sorry invite only and i was invite by a friend. Any way looks like someone is fixing the TT out @ CCD. Check it out and let me know.
  14. 228MX

    MX park

    I'm in!!
  15. 228MX

    02 RM 125 Sprocket/Chain Combo

    thanks rm125rider