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  1. It's been a brown winter here, no good for snowmobiling, but I can still get out and ride the quad. I think this video turned out awesome, let me know what you think.
  2. CFM-Z440

    54 hp LT-Z on the dyno

    I was in too deep before the LTR came out, and it is a lot of fun blowing off bikes that mine shouldn't run with. Also, I really enjoy tweaking engines. Seeing how much power I could make is almost as fun as riding the thing, and actually, this is still an "as assembled" setup. I have not changed anything but jetting, and tried a few different intakes. Im sure there is more power locked inside this thing that I could find with a little more tuning, but I dont know if it's worth going any farther, as I have already split one crank case open from the excess torque. I may need to build a reinforcement of some sort if that continues to be a problem.
  3. CFM-Z440

    Suzuki Suzuki LTZ470 dyno results

    I dont come in here that much, just thought I would share. Here is a link to the dyno video --> Displacement: 470 cc's Max Power CP piston, Namura cylinder, Hot Rods +5 stroker crank Compression ratio: 12.5:1 (Was told it would be 13.5:1 but found out otherwise) Valvetrain: +1 Ferrea valves, Web 539+3/539 cams ( IN 262*@.050 .4" lift 111*LCL EX 256*@.050 .4" lift 112*LCL) Hot Cams adjustable sprockets, DRZ exhaust springs, LTZ(outer)/DRZ(inner) intake springs, DID 4/5 row timing chain, home made MCCT. Induction: FCR 40 carb with a Rat Stack (215 main jet, NCY needle on the 4th clip) This chart shows a modded ESR, a home made straight tube intake, and various FCI intakes (Thanks to Mike at Little Sahara Sand Sports for supplying the FCI's) Porting: Normal Z did the port work, then I finished it out after the +1 valve install. The choke point is 70% of the valve diameter in the intake side, and the intake valve guides are cut off flush with the port roof. The port throats had to be opened up by hand once I realized that the place that cut the seats had not touched them. Exhaust: HMF sports series, shortened 2" @ the silencer, and with a home made lead pipe. I cut the HMF header at the first weld, and duplicated the lead pipe which was 1-1/2" pipe, and is now 1-5/8" I got the tubing as stainless steel J bends from Jegs. Ignition: Dyna Programable, curve #1, Nology hotwire, CR9EK spark plug Flywheel: Trail Tech -16oz Tires used: 20" dyno tires Gearing: 14/40 gearing steel sprockets, Parts Unlimited o-ring chain
  4. I don't make it in here much, but I thought some of you may enjoy this.
  5. CFM-Z440

    400ex engine build advice

    Cool links! Wonder how reliable something like that is? Does anyone know much about head studs being too small or crank case breakage? My buddy called around some and was told some stuff about that. Unfortunately, I have been stuck in the tractor all this week, so I havent had much of a chance to do anything else.
  6. CFM-Z440

    400ex engine build advice

    Kind of what I was thinking... He is insisting on having a sleeper 400ex. He wants to have a crappy looking quad with a nasty engine for what ever reason. The bike looks so bad it has come to be known as "Lumpy" I suppose we could hide a nitrous tank in there somewhere
  7. CFM-Z440

    400ex engine build advice

    Thanks for the reply. I will try those searches and see what I find. I think he had something like a 500+ stroker in mind if that is possible. I didnt think of searching by number of cc's. I am not too far into my search yet, so I will take all the tips I can get. This might pay off for me since my girlfriend also has a 400ex that is piped with an open air box and jetted. Sooner or later she is going to want more power as she gets comfortable.
  8. CFM-Z440

    400ex engine build advice

    I looked there... Place is a mess, I couldnt find anything. I will be looking in there some more, but Im not real confident that I will find any good usable info there.
  9. CFM-Z440

    Honda 400ex engine build advice

    Hey guys, sorry about the newbieish thread, Ive done some searching around, and Im not finding much... My friend wants me to build his old beat up 400ex into a sleeper from hell. This quad is trashed and needs a rebuild from the ground up anyway. I have built up my Suzuki Z440 which is a 46hp quad from the ground up. Im a regular at zcentral and I know that every quad has its own issues to overcome when doing something like this. They also respond differently to certain mods. What he has in mind is making it as big as possible with as much compression as is practical and we were thinking of running it on e85, since it is air cooled, but are open to other ideas. I have a lot of research to do, but if anyone has any advice or links to throw my way, I would be greatfull! Thanks, Chuck
  10. CFM-Z440

    Dynatek FS ignition for z400

    Yep, what he said... You also need to buy the programing kit if you want to mess with it. Fan settings are not one of the options. The cdi has nothing to do with that. Why would you want to change that anyway? There is nothing wrong with the stock fan settings.
  11. CFM-Z440

    Stock 660 Raptor jetting for altitude?

  12. My buddy is going to be riding his stock 660 raptor between about 8,000-10,000 ft. Does anyone happen to know what about what size jets he will need? Sorry for the dumb question, I did try a few searches, but came up with nothing usefull
  13. CFM-Z440

    cooling fan question

    It should come on when the engine reaches a certain temp 220ish sticks in my head for some reason. Then it shuts the fan off when it gets below a certain temp probably 210ish. Mine doesnt even run much on my high compression big bore. Usually it only comes on if im moving slow for a while.
  14. CFM-Z440

    Shocks for a 400EX? Will Z400 Shocks work?

    For the record... Z400 shocks are too long. They will ruin your ball joints if you try it. BTW I am running shortened Polaris Predator (fox) shocks on my Z400. There is nothing wrong with swapping shocks from a different machine if you know what you are doing. Hint.... Keep an eye on lengths extended and compressed!
  15. CFM-Z440

    rhc cams

    wow, seems like kind of low lift for that much duration. Ive seen some dyno charts though, they work! Any idea what lobe center angles? You guys are great, this is why I am asking in here instead of the suzuki atv section!