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  1. MtxMike27

    Pics from Unadilla

    Too bad its Michael Byrne
  2. MtxMike27

    Miss the two stroke?

    Haha thanks. Yea we've changed it up a good amount. Put a better lip on that step up at the end so you can actually clear it now. Made the rhythm section a little better and made another double.
  3. Here's a vid I finally got around to putting up. It's from early march last year at a friends house. Yea that big offcamber bowl turn was tricky cause of the loose dirt on hardpack.
  4. MtxMike27

    District 6 Hare Scramble, Evansville 6-29?

    Hmm, Okay rm125ridwe you obviously must have dropped out of the third grade. *Must have 3 in a class to receive 5Ft. 1st place Trophy* To any normal, intelligent being, 3 in a class means 3 racers in one class. And why the would you call it an IronMAN race if you get to team up? rm125ridwe=
  5. MtxMike27

    District 6 Hare Scramble, Evansville 6-29?

    I'll be there in the 200C class. This will be a good race to get back in shape in considering it's the Ironman race. A harescramble is usually two hours long, but this one is 3. Also it's monster trophy day, so that can be your incentive to finish strong. Definitely get a set of bark busters or wrap around hand guards. Camel back, or some hydration pack of some sort filled with half gatorade half water or all propel water. Pace yourself, but at a lessened race pace; stand as much as possible, take a quick brake if need be. I'll be on a 125 so I'm gonna have to stop for gas twice most likely, but if you get an oversized tank you should be able to finish the whole race on one tank. Have fun!
  6. MtxMike27

    Eastern Pa?? Allentown?? NJ???

    Near Cabela's there is sleepy hollow. I forget the website, but go to www.amadistrict6.com and they have a whole bunch of tracks. Rausch Creek is about 1 hr and 20 mins from allentown, its $65 and not too great. Other than that, Irish Valley (www.irishvalleymx.com) is a great place though it is in Paxinos, Pa.
  7. MtxMike27

    drz 110 help, suspension question

    I have a 2003 Drz110 (bored to a 130) and everytime I ride it, doing wheelies or bumpy terrain a lot my tailbone hurts. I'm 5'10 and 150lbs and ride it aggressivly but usually just do wheelies. should i get a new heavy duty bbr shock or a tall seat? i rode my cousins stock ttr90 and had no pains...what's the deal?
  8. No, that's how I wanted it. I've been doin photoshop for years so I know what to do. I made it like this for a myspace and it was supposed to be dark. it's supposed to be a light gradient with a vague image of riding in the back.
  9. Two wallpapers i made...these were with the bad shots. I need to upload the good shots soon.
  10. MtxMike27

    blown up 110

    i'm pretty sure it was assembled correctly..but not positive, as I am the 2nd owner. Always a clean filter, oil, and it wasn't smoking
  11. MtxMike27

    blown up 110

    First off, my drz110 has a 134 kit and a pod filter. It made a wierd noise whenever I rode it, sounded like something loose in the engine. I was riding for a while and the bike started to bog, so i gave it more gas and it died. The kickstarter wouldn't go all the way down, something siezed. What happened, how can I avoid it next time. We had more than enough oil, everything else was good.
  12. MtxMike27

    Question about my new pitbike

    I posted a question in the xr50 thread thinking I was gonna get a 50 because of their price, but as it turns out I got this bike at an AMAZING deal. The bikes got a 134cc kit with that air filter, pro taper bars, blue frame, makita graphics and a whole new set of extra plastics,. My question is, can I get an airbox cover or something for my airfilter? It gets dirty real quick and I don't want to go riding in the mud and have the mud tear the filter screen. I looked through these threads and on ebay, i haven't seen one. And some shots of the bike.
  13. I was searching through the xr50/70 forum trying to find if it was better to get a xr50 or xr70 as a pit bike. I plan to make a pit bike track and take it off jumps, but none too serious (No more than 20ft gaps). I read that the xr70s bigger wheels are better for overall riding, but I also read that parts and hop ups are harder to find. The xr50 looks like an awesome bike but has the small wheels and engine. I'd have to get big bars no matter what. I've been looking around with ~700 to spend on one and have only seen xr50s and the 70s. Idealy I'd like to get the klx110 or a ttr90 but they're not available. Which would be better for jumping and still hold up.
  14. MtxMike27

    Sick Corner Pics

    just after a bar drag, foot got ripped off 07- 05-