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  1. danwz250

    Whar 250F is the Best?

    It is more of a rider preference I think. I like both the bikes alot, I have a yz250f and ride mostly on that so my perspective is biased. I do like the Hondas suspension and handeling, then again who doesn't, I think my yz flys better in the air though. I am not sure about the new yamaha engines, I have a 02 and it has quite the hit. Where as my brothers 06 CRF feels like it has more mellow controllable power, I think the honda would be the easiest to move up to from a smaller bike, p.s. the 89' 100 will not put a finger on these 250 thumpers! the 100 will not keep anywhere in these badboys power!
  2. danwz250

    37mm - 39mm carb, will it

    I use to have a stock 426 muffler on my 250 and it would not fit and clamp down right, the muffler is just too big. Also if you are going to run a 39 I,recommend getting your head bored, ported and polished so that it doesn't have to much of an excess a/f mixture floating around in there.
  3. danwz250

    Small Starting Problem..

    you might need to go to a smaller pilot air jet, normally the corelation is 45/100 42/75
  4. danwz250

    05 250x popping on deceleration

    Yeah well it also depends on how nearly perfect your jetting is for your bike at your elevation and weather changes! Taking into acount elevation, temperature, and humidity. Because there almost always are some very trace amount of unburned hydrocarbons, and like previously stated once they hit the oxygen from outside they have the neccessary requirements for a reaction, in this case combustion. Again if you have very good jetting your bike, though if you will hardly ever encounter this problem. I notice that the Air input in the exhuast on the crf-x causes a lot of the popping problems. Also make sure your air filter is clean. After a week in sand and loom, my bike will start to pop, and that is a real rare thing now. hope some of this helps.
  5. danwz250

    No Xpload - Supplement good for MX?

    my buddies in football used the No Explode and got huge, they used it in conjunction with creatine and some other supplements. From what I saw with them using it is that they were beasts squating 550+ and 320+ but they had a bad weekness! the stuff caused them to be easily dehydrated!!! They would come out at least once or twice a quarter. They had severe cramps and ended up with some severe shin splints!!! They would have to be carried off field and the leg would jerk uncontrollably!!!, I'm no expert but from what I saw is your endurance takes a major crap!!!, I'm not saying this will happen to you because it effects everybuddy differently!!!, The guy I work out with went from a bench max of 185 to 405 in under 6 months of hard working out , eating 4 or 5 times a day, working out 2 or 3 times a day with his older brother using nothing!, he eats a couple of PB and J sandwiches before working out and a big steak afterwards or something filled with lots of protien, I recomend staying very hydrated like about a gallon of water a day, good luck with football!!!
  6. danwz250

    do i need to lose weight or keep it the same

    Its all about D-Line 6' 185 and a 5 flat 40 thats decent I think nose gaurd baby