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  1. Send me a KnobbyKnife! My Dunlop Geomax MX51 needs more hook! Fall is right around the corner and it gets pretty sloppy here in the northwest.
  2. I found a picture in my photobucket that might help you… The tank is a clarke 3.2 gallon on a ’02 cr250. I have barely enough room to remove the spark plug boot. I have had nothing but problems with my last 3 clarke tanks, one on my Yamaha and 2 on this bike. My tanks start leaking around the inserts for the shrouds or crack and start leaking.
  3. Graphics Template? A friend of mine has a small custom sign business and he was going to make some graphics if I find some sort of template. So I am trying to find a template I can use for the shrouds to start with then maybe the number plates down the road. (’02 + cr250). Or if anyone knows where I can look it would help a ton… My close group of friends has all made the switch back to Honda 2smokes, and we think it would be cool to have matching graphics when we show up to race or just free ride. And no there will not be any energy drinks or other bro items on the graphics haha. Ps here is something you don’t see very often a bunch of CRs in a truck (4 of the 7 cr owners in the group) L to R ’02, ’03, ’03, ‘02
  4. We all saw it coming long ago… I went into cycle sports of Salem a few months ago looking for some Yamabond and no one knew what I was talking about. So I asked them how long before this $hit hole is going to close, and they said they were doing great. So I just laughed and walked out. Last month I stop by to see if they have and roll off refills while I was in the neighborhood. I walk in the open door and the place is empty and there is no one around, then I think its about time haha.
  5. Well maybe not I think I just died a little inside
  6. Oregon

    There are some great trails just 15 minutes from campus but the riding season is short and you need to do a work day to get a pass to ride there, its worth it tho. There is also plenty of riding in every direction from Corvallis and less than an hour drive.
  7. Here is my beater…’02 cr250 It has taken a real beating here in the pacific northwest forests. Now it is being used as my main race bike for cross country so the motor is getting a real workout but it just keeps going. Here are some dirty pics of it after an xc race this year.
  8. I am going on my second Clarke tank in my 02 250 and will never buy from them again. I have always bought clarke tanks because they were from Oregon but their quality one the last tanks I have bought from them have gone downhill. The tank on my yz426 cracked and started leaking. The first one on my cr started leaking around the shroud bolts about a month after I purchased it. Then I crashed and put a stick through it by the fuel petcock so I figured I would get another one. My second one started started to leak around 3 of the shroud bolt holes on my second ride. 2 months later it started to leak around the edge on the bottom. When I talk to them on the phone or by email all I get is sorry I can't help you and they would be willing to sell me a tank for full price. So 2 tubes of plastic weld later it is holding gas for now. ( I drain gas when it sits because I don't want to risk it developing more leaks) Overall the tank fits great in the frame but the tank quality is nothing to brag about.
  9. Oregon

    East Fort Rock I'll be on a CR with my yellow #plate and black #33 and probably the only 2 smoke in a group of CRFs
  10. Oregon

    Salem here too What type of riding do you do?
  11. I made one... It's fun when you get 4-5 riders in it at the same time.
  12. My bike had the same symptoms as yours. It wasn’t that loud and I could only hear the rattle off and on not all the time. So I tore the into my bike and found this… It was caused by what gray was taking about...
  13. I just purchased a set of 06 450 cams on ebay for $45 a few weeks ago, they were in great shape.
  14. I have some cam journal scarring that I want to get fixed, and the shop that always did my machining work is out of business. So are there any recommendations of good shops / people that I can take my head to and have it fixed for a reasonable price? Im in Salem but I will take it to wherever does good work.
  15. Here is one I made a few years ago from scrap metal laying around the shop. The only down side was that I had to drill a hole in my rear fender to put the back bolt in. Or I just zip tie a flag to the back of my chest protector.