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  1. hhaa ya theres actually a good place to ride like 15 mins from dove mountain. haha there really isnt to many of em left. but if you hit a cactus... its a flat tire and some holes in your body... oh well:bonk:
  2. ya its up by phx and as fro marana im like 5 mins from there
  3. its a secret and im in tucson
  4. UPDATE AND PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all back together makin some progress... ooooooooh snap
  5. good news!!!! bike is all back together and running im putting a new radiator in it tommrow and then ill have some pics of the finshed profuct uup
  6. ran into some snags but hopefully finishin it up in about an hour or 2. [pics soon]
  7. ran into some issues but all is gonna be fine. dropping the motor in tonite and hopefully finsishing this ish up. pics later i promise
  8. hah thanks. will post some pics up either tonite or tommrow working 12 hour shifts for work is killin me
  9. yeah but thats why i decided to do a rebuild on the top and bottom id rather know in my head that the motor is fresh and as far as suspension its already got race tech fork springs and rear spring. the frame is stayin how it is i love the oem kawi green..
  10. Originally bought the bike from someone off craigslist.. Got a pretty good deal on it. rode it 2 tanks and blew the bottom end... time for a rebuild. tore it apart and dropped the motor and decided to rebuild the top and bottom end.. and do some other things... heres the goods.. the bike the day i got it blew it up and started the tear down motor is out case split top end what a dity swing arm and airbox stripped down the graphics lil swing arm action pro circut whaaat new chain carbon fiberrr uhhh ohhh new fender and graphics I will update when the bike is progressing. putting the cases back together tommrow and some other stuff. will keep ya updated. thanks
  11. bmxedup

    00 bottom end and 99 top end?

    anyone know where to get a cheap bottom end kit rebuild?
  12. bmxedup

    00 bottom end and 99 top end?

    im still debating on it. dont u have to have all kinds of special tools like a piston pin puller all the clutch tools? or do you not need any of that?
  13. i recently blew my bottom end so im on the search for a new bottom end but my tope end is still fine. so will a 00 bottom end bolt up to a 99 kx 250 top end and frame. i appreciate it. thanks:ride: