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  1. lymsack

    yz 250f 06 bog (G- out)

    thanks for the help. The bike is litteraly brand new. I'll try some things. I will let you know.
  2. lymsack

    yz 250f 06 bog (G- out)

    im also and sea level. My other 06 yz 250f does the same thing
  3. lymsack

    yz 250f 06 bog (G- out)

    stock. I put zip-ty fuel screw on it to try and play with it. but has little effect. thanks for any help.
  4. I've got a problem. whenever I go off a steep lip or when I land really hard my bike bogs. It's scary as heck going off a lip. It's a yz 250f 06'. People have been telling me to lean the pilot out. But I want to make sure. It's not bad but bad enough to case a triple once in a while.