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  1. YZBrad

    Help with 1998 WR400F Carb

    Sounds good, thanks again for the help. Theres an 08 carb with cables on ebay for $150 buy it now that I think I'll buy. I'm sure I can find a throttle pretty cheap if those cables dont work with my throttle.
  2. YZBrad

    Help with 1998 WR400F Carb

    Oh ok good to know, thanks for the info. Will the 05+ cables work with the old throttle?
  3. YZBrad

    Help with 1998 WR400F Carb

    Great advice, thanks! I might be ordering one up tonight. This carb has been driving me nuts. What years should I be looking for? 05+? And if I get the carb without the throttle assmebly and cables, will my stock 400 cable lengths work?
  4. YZBrad

    Any dual sport guys near Vista?

    PM sent, sounds like fun.
  5. YZBrad

    Help with 1998 WR400F Carb

    That carb bolts right up? The throttle position sensor plug is the same? Ive been having a heck of a time getting my 1998 400 to run because of carb issues. I've thrown everything at it, and broke down and finally took it to a shop and they couldnt get it to run either. If a later model carb fits and the bike runs better with it, I'd consider the investment.
  6. YZBrad

    Any dual sport guys near Vista?

    That sounds like fun! I was just talking starting to look for some trails out in that direction. My girlfriend lives in Escondido out near Lake Wholford, and Ive been looking at those hills thinking theres probably a lot of fun dual sport riding up there. Id love to check those trails out! I ride a 1998 WR400 with a plate.
  7. YZBrad

    YZ400 Accelerator pump problem

    Thanks, Ill check out the Taffy Mod. The diaphram is fine, it was just replaced. My concern is the pushrod doesnt look like it is moving enough to pump the diaphram. Like I said above, it only moves about a millimeter or two. The linkage seems to be correct though. But Ill head out there right now and check out the discharge port and check valves.
  8. Hey guys hows it going? I have a 1998 YZ400 that has been sitting for a while. I decided to freshen everythign up, rebuild the carb, top end, new valves, valve job. Got the carb back on there and put fuel in it and have been pumping the throttle for a while and still am not getting any spray from the accelerator pump. Any ideas? Aside from a bad diaphram. How far is the plunger supposed to move when you open the throttle, it only seems to move a millimeter or two before it bottoms out. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
  9. YZBrad

    NEW KTM 690 supermoto

    I take back what I said before, we just got a couple at our shop and they dont look half bad in person, just needs different pipes so it doesnt look as goofy. The 950SM is a ton of fun to ride, if i could have any street bike that would be it, but I havent got the chance to ride the 990 superduke, that looks like even more fun!
  10. YZBrad

    What suspension company for desert riding?

    No ones mentioned it yet, but ACME suspension. He set my last 250 up and it worked awesome. I believe he does the suspension for a lot of the National Hare and Hound guys, like Abbott.
  11. YZBrad

    quietest pipe

    Why dont you like quiet pipes, and why do you like your ears to ring?
  12. YZBrad

    Lotus 2 stroke development

    Haha thats awesome. They made it sound like they'd ressurect the Espirit if they built one of these engines. And CBus, as far as fuel economy, it seems the 2 stroke should be less efficient because a fraction of its fuel is going towards lubrication purposes, it isnt just there for ignition. If the engine was designed to soley run on Ethanol, why would it not come from the factory with a 14:1 compression ratio?
  13. First off, im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, if not, mods, feel free to move. Well Im doing a research paper about alternative fuel vehicles and their future. (yeah Im up late typing it, I know I shouldnt have procrastinated haha) So Ive been gathering as much literature as I can on the topic of "green vehicles" and I grabbed a copy of the Robb Report at the book store because it had an article of a Lotus Exige that they converted to run on ethanol on the cover. On a side note the Exige on Ethanol made a ton more power than the gas Exige due to a higher Octane rating and an extra oxygen atom to aid in combustion. But anyways, at the end of the article, there was a quote from Jamie Turner, the chief engineer of powertrain development at Lotus. Turner stated: "The next step is to develop a two-stroke engine with variable compression and direct injection running on clean bioethanol. You wouldn't believe just how clean and powerful that engine would be." I found that quote very interesting. Even if the motorcycle companies put 2 stroke R&D on the backburner, its good to know another group is trying to further develop these engines, so they could possibly make a come back in the future. Does anyone know anything else about Lotus' plans to build a 2 stroke motor for their Espirit?
  14. YZBrad

    Gorman Night Rides

    When I get a new bike, hopefully it will have a light on it, and Id love to go riding up there at night.
  15. Haha yeah, thats what I thought you got confused with.