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  1. oldschooler

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    34 years! First bike was a 74 F7 175cc 2 stroke. I rode it EVERYWHERE. That bike kept me out of tons of trouble. I was to busy to get involved in anything stupid because I was in the woods riding or at home fixing something. It was still running when I gave it away but it was in serious need of a rebuild. It had almost no compression left. That bike loved rectifiers. I put three of them in it!
  2. oldschooler

    Old School vs Modern

    I've always kept a bike till the wheels fell off and it was just to worn out to fix anymore. Of course, it doesn't help with the sticker shock you get when you go years between bikes!
  3. oldschooler

    Vintage Jerseys-Post Pics Here

    WOW! Mid 70's YZ's and RM's. Yep... I remember those times well! We did lots of field repairs way out in the middle of nowhere miles from any help! Everyone carried one extra spark plug because when they went, they just went, no warnings. One of my buddies had a TM250! Remember those? LOL
  4. Does anyone know what time the 2010 Daytona Supercross starts? I have to work for 3 hrs in the morning and was wondering if I should bother getting tickets or not. I've been all over the AMA Supercross site and the Daytona Speedway site and can't find any info on the start time. I know that some years they were in the afternoon and others they were at night. Start time?
  5. oldschooler

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    46! Have owned a dual sport since I was 13 except a four year period of NO BIKE! AHHHH!
  6. oldschooler

    Wr250r owner feedback!

    Love my 08 WR250R. Like someone else said, if you had a 93 xl250 you will find the WRR has much more power. Probably not as much right off idle as the old XL had but much more everywhere else. I don't know how old you are, size, or riding experience but I think once you ride one you'll love it. I'm 5'08 180lbs and it fits me well. Every time I push the bike it surprises me with what it will do when asked. No, it will not loft the front wheel just by whacking the throttle but it will scream down the trail faster than you'd ever want to go. The suspension is great to. No, not a MX'r suspension but again it will handle 95% of what you throw at it. I have putted through tight trails, riding fire roads, and buzzed around home made MX tracks with MX bikes. Half of them can't pass me! Only the exsprienced MX WOT types blast by me. I have not done any mods to the airbox, exhaust, etc. Being 46 years old now I find that I don't need that extra 1/2 second gain time from turn one to turn three. I will say this though, get a set of knobs! The stock tires will take you anywhere and do anything, but you'll be slipping, sliding and spinning away if you try to do it at speed. Been riding for 30+ years and this is a very very nice factory bike right out of the crate.
  7. oldschooler

    Now i've done it!!

    Can anyone give me the torque specs for the head bolts and valve cover bolts? That's the only thing I don't have. Its a 96 DR200. I don't have a manual yet because there are no Suzuki dealers close or on my county. Also my daughter has ants in her pants waiting for me to get it back together so she can ride it again!
  8. oldschooler

    Now i've done it!!

    How lucky is this? When I pulled the front cam chain guide out I could see the retainer shim laying on its side against the front of the motor. Dropped in a stick magnet and "Tink" it was on the magnet and i was able to lift it right out!!! Now that's lucky! I'm so glad it didn't go down into the deep dark scary crankcase!
  9. oldschooler

    Now i've done it!!

    Yeah. That English / American thing! But I guess your way is the right way since it is your language to begin with! LOL
  10. oldschooler

    Now i've done it!!

    "sump plug"? Different than the drain plug?
  11. oldschooler

    Now i've done it!!

    Was replacing the exhaust valve spring on a 1996 DR200. Got one retainer shim on but the other popped off and bounced right over an into the cam chain well!! Yeah I know, I know, I should have put a rag or towel there, but it has already happened and I have throughly beat myself up for not doing that. The little clip is GONE! can't see it anywhere. I have spoken to several Suzuki mechanics who said it is heavy enough to stay on the bottom of the case and work it's way to the drain plug. They said I should be fine just replacing it and waiting for the old one to show up at the drain. If there IS a way to get it out I'd like to do that. Does anyone know if I can get to that area to try and find it? I know on old Honda XL's you could get to the lower cam gear on the crank without splitting the case. Is that possible on the DR200?
  12. oldschooler

    2001 DR200 with 97 miles won't run

    Not yet but I found the problem! I pulled the valve cover and the exhaust valve spring is broken leeting the valve sit just low enough not to make a seal and let all the compression out! I've already yanked the spring and am in waiting for a new one! Woo Hoo!! Thanks to all that threw suggestions my way! Really!! This board is great when you have one of those issues that leave you scratching your head. GO THUMPER TALK!!!!!!
  13. oldschooler

    2001 DR200 with 97 miles won't run

    I was up late last night with this problem and found that the exhaust valve is stuck. It opens but doesn't quite close all the way which is why there is no compression. Does anyone know how to un-stick a sticking valve?
  14. oldschooler

    2001 DR200 with 97 miles won't run

    Semi checked the valves. I may have an issue!! Couldn't fit the feeler gage I have into the inspection hole, but..... The intake rocker I can just barley get it to tap up and down in it's position. The exhaust rocker has the grand canyon amount of gap in it's position!! That coupled with the fact I can't get the motor to blow my finger off the spark plug hole while cranking it makes me think the exhaust valve is bent or for some reason not seating all the way and leaving that grand canyon gap at the rocker. God I hope that's not it.