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  1. ThompsonV311

    KTM 450 XC-F 2013

    I don't do reviews.
  2. ThompsonV311

    KTM 450 XC-F (2013)


    I don't do reviews.
  3. Tell him to look into the adapter for the 2013 Honda air forks. It is angled to help with the bar clearance issue.
  4. ThompsonV311

    2013 KX450F front # plate's

    Order directly from Cycra. Mine arrived in 4 days.
  5. ThompsonV311

    Replacement plastic kit for 2013

    Buy straight from Cycra. I just bought a new set for my 2013 450, and the kit was on my doorstep in 4 days.
  6. ThompsonV311

    Obsolete Graphics

    KAWIMAN I got an email from paypal, so I should have your Team Chevy Trucks Graphics mailed out tomorrow.
  7. ThompsonV311

    Obsolete Graphics

    If anybody is still looking for the KX125-250 Chevy Trucks team graphics I have 2 unopened sets I'd be willing to part with. Link to the classifieds ad: http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=75563&title=kx125-250-team-chevy-trucks-graphics&cat=29
  8. ThompsonV311

    Baja 1000 Bikes...WR Photo's That is!

    405x is Checkers MC/ District-37 fastguy Mike Korenwinder tackling Baja solo.
  9. ThompsonV311

    New WR450 owner

    Yeah I have been told it is like a two hour bomb run up on the expert line. Part of me can't wait another part of me can. Haha. As far as suspension I only swapped out the forks. The rear shock was just re sprung and re valved. The 06-09 YZ forks are the twin chamber KYB's and in stock valving ride better than re worked WR forks. Noleen racing who had done my two previous bikes re worked them five times and could never get rid of the bottoming without them feeling too harsh and killing me in the rocks. The new forks made it a cadillac of a desert sled. I also switched suspension tuners to Jake Thompson, which has been great as well. If we hook up I'll let you to take a spin on my bike and you can see the difference for yourself.
  10. ThompsonV311

    New WR450 owner

    Actually now it turns out that I should be able to race RHR. I need one more transfer for that Red Bar and the wife wants me to get er' done. I'm in Victorville so if you and your son ever want to get some desert practice hit me up on the district board (ThompsonV11). I know a few other Am's and Experts out here that like to chase each other around the desert on play rides.
  11. ThompsonV311

    New WR450 owner

    Hey Dave, Great to see another D37 guy in here running a WR. I have been racing on the 07 for a year and a half and can't say enough about the bike. I have done all the mods Ie: block off, JD jet kit, air box mods, grey wire, DRD full exh skidplate, etc. The WR forks just didn't ride how I wanted them to even after having them done by Clark at Noleen, so I swapped them out with 07 YZ forks. Then sent them to Suspension by JAKE. He has done a really good job on my bike. Super plush and no bottoming. As far as the coolant catch tank, I pulled it off the bike the day I bought it. Just drained the green and replaced with Engine Ice,and never had a problem in any of our races with boiling, Invaders, DMC Nat. 100's Nat, etc. and you know how those courses were. The extra weight of the electric start over the YZ is worth it. I kick it on the starts but use the button if I end up stalling in the rocks. It always starts up halfway through the kick stroke in 2nd gear, and pulls hard all the way up the bomb. I have lead or been top 3 to the bomb on the Ammie line 6 or 7 times since I bought the WR. You're gonna love the bike once you get it dialed. Are you racing RHR? I probably won't be racing but i am a member of SoCal MC and should be out for pit support. Come on by our camp and find me if you have any questions or whatever. See you in the Dez! Justin Thompson V11
  12. Clarke tanks look like a big gay volcano on your bike.
  13. ThompsonV311

    Anyone Ever Repair Their Radiator???

    Or in a pinch on the trail you can mash up the tobacco from a cigarette into the radiator and it'll seal it right up.
  14. ThompsonV311

    I'm 230lb with a wr450--Suspension ???setup

    To have both forks and shock re valved and setup for your correct weight, riding skill you can expect to spend anywhere from $500-$800. Sounds like alot but it is worth every penny. Most people usually have no problem spending that much on a pipe that will not improve the ride performance at all. Check the classified section on here. You may see what you need.
  15. ThompsonV311

    I'm 230lb with a wr450--Suspension ???setup

    From a personal experience with the 07 WR I can say a sure fire fix is to get a set of 06+ YZ forks and send them and the shock out to Suspension by Jake for re-valve. I had the stock WR forks re-valved and re sprung by Noleen and they were good, but for a desert racebike you cant beat the YZ forks. Jake is taking care of my bike now and his work is amazing. I still have the set of WR forks sitting in the garage sprung and valved for 220lb rider that are great for an aggressive trail rider.