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    Dirt bikes, cars (my Miata), girls, much much more
  1. jdr23

    New KDX owner

    I think it would be a great bike but a little on the tall side. The power is great especially in the power band. It's very nimble compared to my XR250L. As long as you can keep the RPMs up you'll be fine. I love mine so far.
  2. jdr23

    New KDX owner

    Thanks for the info guys
  3. jdr23

    New KDX owner

    Hey everyone, I just sold my 1993 XR250L and bought a 2005 KDX200 that was left over from last year (brand new)!!! So far i'm babying it so that it breaks in correctly. I wanted to know if anyone knew how to lower it slightly. Right now i can tip-toe both feet but would like it just a little lower. Thanks for your input. Jeff