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  1. I have a 2014 kx250f with the white coupler map. Turning on the launch control for tight first gear trails seems to calm the bike down a bit. Has anyone else tried this? I wonder if it is ok to leave it in that mode for longer time periods than it is designed for.
  2. johnspeak

    Weyerhaeuser buys Plum Creek in $8.4B timber deal

    IMO. Bad because every time I have seen Weyerhaeuser land there was a sign at the gate stating no motorized vehicles. They have a reputation of cutting off motorized recreation on the lands they buy . If you guys have people working with them , maybe it will be ok. I don't live in that area and have never heard of plum creek.
  3. johnspeak

    Weyerhaeuser buys Plum Creek in $8.4B timber deal

    It's bad.
  4. johnspeak

    Riding With Arthritis

    If any of you need a hip replacement , get a total hip resurface and not a total hip replacement . There is less restrictions with the total hip resurface. I love the results of mine.
  5. johnspeak

    Gearing for 250f 2014

    I have the same bike and trail ride only. Because I like to lug the bike in the low revs, stock gearing is too low for me. 1st is kinda low and 5th is low for logging roads. I dropped 2 teeth in the rear from stock. (50 to 48) and like it that way. You however may hate it that way. If I was racing moto in sand. Stock would probably be best .
  6. johnspeak

    Flywheel weight question

    Steahly flywheel wt is the way to go . Take it off and put it back on for different conditions. I don't race moto , but for off road I like my 11 oz for everything except radical hill climbs where I want an instant rev gain with a touch of the clutch. For slippery wet rocks and greasy mud it is very helpful and makes for a less tiring ride.
  7. johnspeak

    Need some help on an 85 XR200 RFVC...

    mine did the same thing. what happened on mine was the kick starter is designed to go past the footpeg and stop on the footpeg bracket. It was hitting and stopping on the footpeg and getting a reduced sweep that was fine if the bike was warmed up, but not good enough if the bike was cold. Maybey you have a bent footpeg bracket like I had.
  8. johnspeak

    Klamath Falls riding areas..

    I once went riding north of k-falls near Chemult . The riding seemed endless. Bring a GPS .
  9. johnspeak

    Funky Chicken National Hare Scramble

    Last years muddy Chicken was way easier than this years Greasy Chicken! Jacksonville ISDE dirt could never get that slippery no matter how much rain. The downhills were out of control , running into trees to slow yourself down was the order of the day and if you had any speed at the top of the hills you were doomed . The grass track was fun ,as was the start. After that , well........I guess downhills dont get bad bottle necks..... [Did anyone have a front tire that worked out there, I would like to know.]
  10. johnspeak

    rvmx this wknd

    I believe RVMX is Rogue Valley MX . I would rather drive about 10 miles farther and ride the Johns Peak May Day poker run.
  11. johnspeak

    Ochoco NF planning a trip there

    I think the trails in Ochoco are open unless posted closed. The forest service nation wide is moving away from that policy fast.... Rogue River nat forest is closed unless posted open. I would ride it and bring a GPS to get me back to camp.
  12. johnspeak

    Poker Run @ John's Peak

    Bring a GPS. It will get you back to your truck. VERY MANY unmarked trails. Have fun.
  13. johnspeak

    Poker Run @ John's Peak

    I went riding up there monday on some of the A course. On the far side , [west side ], of the course there is a couple suprise steep downhills. When heading down take it slow , it can get steeper in a big hurry. the roads were dry slick and the trails were very good.