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    What are the legal plated options?

    I followed the directions to the letter found on old posts on this site and got my 450x plated 2 weeks ago, in California , I even made my own baja lights kit with parts off an old street legal Honda , it can be done!
  2. crmyers

    Seat Options

    Hey my 450x was a rock , went to an upholstery (auto) place, 50$ out the door, my choice of fabric and 1.5 inches of foam, ahhh!
  3. crmyers

    dirtbiker gone quad

    get a ds650 for the dunes and a 450x for everything else, might as well have fun.
  4. I am just getting a 450x , I have never used synthetic oil because I was led to believe the clutch needed a little dinosaur to make it work right, is that not true?
  5. crmyers

    2007 450 X street legal

    Like they always say , you can't outrun a Motorola, those were cop radios in the old days.
  6. crmyers

    Who's Been Ripped Off Using eBay

    Bought a DRZ ,turned out the seller was using someone elses identity, he got my money ,I got nothing, now I have no bike or money, it all looked so official, e-bay protection my ass, they will not help at all.
  7. crmyers

    4 wheel drive needed at glamis/pismo

    plenty of places to camp at glamis on hardpack , s.e. of the store or on pavement at ghekko, you must pay to camp, so much for your greensticker money
  8. crmyers

    Broken collarbone

    nope they just stuck the ends together and put in a bunch of screws, it makes for cool x-rays and one hell of a scar, buck up boy you will live. Come to think of it I had a big bump on my collarbone to start with because I had broken it three times before and it never healed right, so maybe I had more to work with than you do. All they will do is lay some pieces in there and it will grow together just fine. Cheer up you are in America they won't let you die. Sincerely, Letsgo!
  9. crmyers

    Broken collarbone

    Dude I have had a plate over my collarbone for 20 years, it will always hurt , screws in the bone are not natural , keep it out of the wind and try not to twist it to hard for a while, I ride,race , do everything, just think you can't break that one again.
  10. crmyers

    Ever had THESE symptoms?

    Motorcycle batteries are only good for about a year, the acid is probably low or the plates are shorted in the battery, the charger is probably detecting a short , you could have bad connections and if you keep jumping it with a car you will need a lot of parts soon ,think High dollar, notice how the battery cables on the bike are tiny compared to the car? Buy a quality battery , Yuasa or the like and pray to the electrical gods that have not let the magic smoke out of your electrical system yet. See Ya on the trail. From Letsgo!