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  1. pull the cover and look mto see what make it is and then send a pm to the people that made it and ask for a diagram or get them to fix it. philip
  2. phil-coley

    Floating rotors wear out....

    i tightened up the floating disc i had before with a hammer and punch a little at a time and try to get the same float on them all. discs do wear out but thats because they are working well ,sometimes some types of pads are harder than other ones,and some stop better than others ,its all a balance of the best parts to get the best brakes you can and its a racing bike and things wear out. philip
  3. phil-coley

    Wiseco Piston Issue

    i have just read all these pages and its easy to see that over time peoples thoughts get misplaced from the origional point. the thread started about wiseco piston pin placement and that wiseco had been contacted ,its easy to see that wiseco are going downhill and they are not looking after a problem and they dont have good enough staff to do the job how long does it take to check a piston ring pin placement. the point of cast verses forged pistons has been done thousands of times ,god what boreing people this site has,no wonder many sensible people dont bother to look on here much now. 58 years old and fitted with a brain. philip
  4. phil-coley

    Yellow Plastic...

    ufo plastic prices from md racing products,front guard no 3879 17.91 pounds rear guard no 3845 19.03 pounds rad scoops 31.35 pounds and side plates 31.35 pounds and the dollar is 1.58 to one english pound as of today, their are a couple of front and rear guards that ufo list the nos i have given are the best shapes i think for yz 125/250 and i believe the 4 stroke yellow front guards also fit, ufo also has some front no plates for variouse years. i have full ufo yellow plastics on my 2007 yz 250 and all fitted fine. the usa had a slightly different exhaust side no plate than europe as their silencer was smaller but from 2009 i believe they went to the same size,small difference. philip
  5. phil-coley

    ufo yellow plastics

    ive just recieved my yellow front and rear mudguards from md racing products the ufo importer in england so no problems getting them philip
  6. phil-coley

    yz360af biuld !!

    yellow plastics from ufo uk importer they have them all instock ,i ordered some mudguards last week. md racing products and they are on ebay uk all the time.www.ebay.co.uk. should be a great bike when finished and yellow is the best color i think. philip
  7. phil-coley

    yellow plastics

    for those wishing to buy yellow plastics for yz 125/250 try the ufo importer in england as his website is showing all parts are in stock,i have known this guy for over 40 years and he stocks many top brands of gear and is easy to deal with and is on ebay.co.uk.md racing products , 0935 429646 philip
  8. phil-coley

    Hurricane kit.

    ufo do the yellow plastics. philip
  9. phil-coley

    2012 offroaders are here!

    that looks like a new go blue bling yz,and shiny tyres too. i spy a new ktm lurking in the background could be a faceoff in the mud and water next weekend. yellow wizzie
  10. phil-coley

    New DEP Pipe. 2009 YZ250.

    yes derek is a nice guy i met him a few times at motorcycle industrie meetings when i had a motox shop hes a straight talker and well respected in bike circles. he was also a motocross rider and pretty good. philip
  11. phil-coley

    New DEP Pipe. 2009 YZ250.

    i could have sent the pipe back but the pipe came from the usa to me in thailand you can spend the money on postage and get another one and maybe that would fit badly also ,mine is the armoured enduro pipe but all types of the yz dep pipes have had fitment issues, im glad some riders have had their pipes fit ok, i tried a hgs pipe and that fitted up just as the origional one just a pity they are harder to get. theirs a few threads regarding dep pipe fitment and its not good for dep or their customers. phily cee
  12. phil-coley

    Enduro YZ 250 Weight

    ktm 2011 250 and 300 excs shows weights at 104 kgs (229 lbs) without fuel ,if this is correct ? they are a little lighter than the yz 265. ktm 2012 models with linkage have added around 4lbs to previous models. fatty phil
  13. phil-coley

    New DEP Pipe. 2009 YZ250.

    dep pipes are often way off concerning fitment to yzs my armour enduro pipe is a mess and is back in the dep bag,not good enough for aftermarket parts. philip
  14. phil-coley

    DEP pipes questions

    i have a new armoured pipe and it does not fit at all good any way you try it, it hits the clutch cover screw and with the silencer fitted the front bolt fixing is 25 mm too high ,i know many people have similar problems fitting these pipes. i put my dep back in the dep plastic bag it came in and its still in my garage today. check the stickie on this forum where stimps dynoed lots of pipes and silencers, he did a great job. philip
  15. phil-coley

    Honda front brake swap

    2009 honda crf set up on my 2007 yz 250 and used the honda cable and the brake is much better than the yz even after fitting honda pads. philip