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  1. SteveRed

    Rode the DRZ400E and WR250R - bugga! - which one?

    Post this in a WR250R forum and you will get quite the different answer. I have owned two DRZ400E's and also two WR250R's. My choice is the WRR. I did like the DRZ but you are right it does feel heavier than the WRR. The WRR has 10,000km service intervals and will sit on 140km/hr all day. I have swapped out the rear sprocket for a 48 tooth and switch between a 13 and 14 front for single track or open run respectively. I find the bike has plenty of mumbo once you stop being lazy and use the gear box. We are doing a small bore Simpson Desert crossing later this year. I currently get 350+kms on a 15L Safari tank which is quite tidy on the WRR compared to the DRZ hefalump 17L Safari tank which will only give me 280kms. I may put a 290 Athena kit on the WR which would give it more bottom and mid range, but it does not really scream for it. We now have racks and panniers sets for both the WRR and the Aussie spec DRZ so both can be comfortably converted to an ADV/Trail bike. The suspension is better out of the box on the WRR. I spent over a grand on tuning and revalving the suspension on one of the DRZs' which makes a huge difference, however spend $700 on the WRR and it simply rocks. My choice having ridden and owned both bikes is the WRR. Being in the business (I am the owner of Adventure Moto) I do have plenty of experience of larger capacity Dual Sports and traillies, but I love the WRR as an all rounder. Cheers
  2. SteveRed

    2010 FE390 Husaberg full ride review...

    I think you will find that the weight of the 390FE, 450FE and 570FE are pretty much line ball, all within one or two pounds, and if they release a 250 it will be the same. The real difference is the gyroscopic force the motor produces which makes the bike feel heavy or otherwise. The Bergs have a very neutral gyro effect because of the motor positioning. So it isn't BS, the Berg does in fact feel lighter than a standard 450 and the 390 "feels" lighter again than the 450. More to the point it is the power deliver or translation of power at the back wheel where the 390 shines. IMHO of course
  3. SteveRed

    WR250 R/X Airbox Mods

    I posted this in a similar thread... "Excuse my ignorance but doesn't the bike's ECU and being FI, mean that if you did an air box mod, that the bike would simply add more fuel in any case as compensation to more air!? And where does Steveakus's electrical gizmo come into the picture? Is this to be used with or without a FMF or PC111?"
  4. SteveRed

    WR250R/X Gearing Information

    It stands to reason that if a good combination is a 13/46 that you could also run a 14/49 or 14/47 to the similar effect. Then you could swap out the front to a 13/47-49 for much better off road ability when you need it. No need to go down to such a tight front sprocket in this scenario.
  5. SteveRed


    Excuse my ignorance but doesn't the bike's ECU and being FI, mean that if you did an air box mod, that the bike would simply add more fuel in any case as compensation to more air!? And where does Steveakus's electrical gizmo come into the picture? Is this to be used with or without a FMF or PC111?
  6. SteveRed

    GYTR Pipe

    OK I found it online. I just bought the pipe and put in an address in Colorado for shipping. I'm wondering though if you might consider shipping to Australia? Or my wife is in LA at the moment until the end of the week and she could possibly bring home as luggage!? Perhaps you could pm me about this.Cheers
  7. SteveRed

    GYTR Pipe

    Daniel, do you have a link for the Ebay pipe for sale??
  8. SteveRed

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    These tanks are pretty tough, and yes they nearly always have vents designed into them. The tank is a little wider than the OEM plastics by about an inch.I have Safari Tanks on most of my trail bikes including a 28 Litre (7.4Gal) on a DR650 and an 18 Litre (4.75Gal) on a DRZ400. These bikes have all had their tumbles but apart from some minor scuffing I have not had any problems. I did have a fracture on a pre production tank once but the issue that caused this was quickly rectified before the tanks went into full production. Aqualine really take pains to get it right. The fuel pump will be inside the new tank which has been redesigned to get all 14 Litres (3.7Gals) out. This should give you a range of 350kms or around 220 miles.
  9. SteveRed

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    As I have said... Still in pre-production stage but most if not all the bugs have been ironed out.
  10. SteveRed

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    Ye that was my post... Aqaline/Safari Tanks are very keen to get the tank out there but will not release the tank until all the R&D is done. I will post a pic of the bike with the pre-production tank on it soon.
  11. SteveRed

    Aprilia RXV 450

    Ye Bobby.. It's not always about power to weight! On the Aussie BMW Safari there was way more carnage with the HP2's than any other bike! And only 6 HP's out of 180 bikes in total... The thing is the HP's are great desert racers but not great Enduro bikes. they are too heavy and a weapon in the wrong hands, i.e anyone that isn't a gun rider! (IMHO )
  12. SteveRed

    g650x or g450x for dual purpose

    If you are vertically challenged like you say The XC is a very tall bike but a great bike for the "all purpose" bike you seek. The 450 will be more of a race machine but that doesn't mean you cannot set it up for trail and the commute. Ideally you would set yourself up with two sets of wheels or just be happy swapping tyres for your riding style. If you are lusting after the 450.. You have really already made your choice of Me.. I love my XC and have it set up as a Trail/tourer and keep a TTR250 for every day trail riding, geared for the snotty stuff!
  13. SteveRed

    610 Pegs

    Send Allan from Pivot Pegz an email and see if they're on the drawing board??
  14. SteveRed

    Pivot Pegz

    Yep I believe they shut down because it was alleged they blatantly copied the PIVOT PEGZ breaching many patents and trademarks. Allegedly they even cyber-squatted the name by redirecting customers to the power pegz web site by registering a (.com) whereas the real address for pivot pegz is a (.com.au). Obviously they were in the wrong or they would still be in business!
  15. SteveRed

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    I own a GS1200Adventure and a DRZ400 and for six months or so the G6500X. Well the DRZ is going and the PIG is gathering dust. I just completed a 2000 mile ride on the XC with a Renazco seat and it performed brilliantly. It out rode any of the heavier bikes as well as a few Dakars but was still quite comfortable on the transport sections. I'm running the bike with a 14 tooth front sprocket which helps in the dirt but doesn't seem to matter much on the road. LOVE THIS BIKE and I'm not six foot