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  1. Sweet now don't forget to get some 92 + gas for it...
  2. hrers the part # and the price... K1100-80053 HEAD, CYLINDER (K1100-80009) $416.11 1 $416.11
  3. http://www.babbittsonline.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/1/Suzuki.aspx
  4. degree the cam, these have had problems with the cam sprocket slipping on the shaft, if this is the case and you chose a stock replacement have someone Tig weld the sprocket to the shaft...
  5. For those who are "still" pushing SS valves, Do you think that when ALL the factories started putting Titanium valves in there bikes they did it, so they could LOOSE THOSE SHOOTOUTS IN ALL THE MAGAZINES???... common lets use some common sense here, on the 04 crf250 keep it and: http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/news/article/0,13190,1558721,00.html
  6. seems as though you either have something on the rotor (clean rotor and pads with CRC brake cleen), or you have a warped rotor (barrow a friends to check it out, buy a new rotor)...
  7. Good Answers! 1/4 for IN lb, 3/8 for FT lb, never cheap crap...
  8. Dave, since you seem to be watching this post, I have a question (not a dig) are you suggesting your customers use SS valves, instead of staying with TI valves and "replacing" the hardened steel IN seats with nickel/bronze seats (compatible metals) as to keep up with technology instead of moving backwards?. Again this is in no way meant to be taken or is implied as a dig...
  9. I have a full FMF TI (mega bomb header) blue anodized cans dual system for sale, perfect condition only practice laps on it. First $500 takes it, I will give you the jetting specs that will give you a good baseline setup for running this pipe. The Mega Bomb header has excellent power gains all the way through the RPM range but performs best Mid to Top end.
  10. One footed starts,
  11. If your not lining up on both right and left notches as well as the two notches on the cam (OE cam), theres a chance your 180 deg out, on another note if you are re shimming valves, start looking into parts and machine shops to do the work right, it will save you cash and headaches down the road...
  12. Way to Blue, If you need I have a stock piston and some gaskets I can send your way to help the kid out...
  13. These are great and reliable bikes, we have found the solution to the valve issues, I just pulled the cover and checked tolerance on my riders bike last night and it's right where i set it up.
  14. Believe it or not I have seen where the piston was installed wrong, the piston is clearance cut for the valves, larger for ex. and smaller for int. it will run but knock like crazy. another thing is setting run out on the balance shaft is critical the shaft can and will warp and cause a knocking sound, hopefully the person who last cracked the cases on this machine knew what he/she was doing.
  15. Is this noise coming from the top end?