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  1. The bike is perfectly in time and the valves are brand new, ground and set to spec. I know the bike has good spark, I tested it and it is in spec. I guarentee that it doesnt have enough compression because all of that oil and antifreeze got in there and made a film on the cylinder wall. This means tear down again and hone and rings.
  2. Well It all depends on what you want to do with it. I myself have destroyed my motor a couple of times. After about twice it is better for you to fix it, get it running and then sell it because when an engine blows like that it puts a lot of strain on the cams, valve train, crank, tranny ..etc. It is always better to get it out of your hands and start out fresh. Nothing is better than a fresh bike.
  3. I work at a bike shop and got the priveledge to ride the first one. The bike has a lighter feel and an overall better ride to it. As for the motor is has smoother power delivery and response. The bike is an awesome bike but I believe that you can have just as good of a bike if you buy a recent year bike and do some upgrades, besides its not that hard to pull some ponies out of the engine.
  4. I have an 03 250f that is basically stock except for a pipe and porting and polish work. The plug inside the head that seperates the oil from the antifreeze vibrated out and caused the engine to quit. I tore down the whole motor, cleaned everything and reassembeled. I then got it to start after many many kicks. I would stall all of a sudden. I continued kicking until it ran. It ran for awhile then quit and now wont run again. I tore the whole carb apart and cleaned everything and it still wont start. I am getting a little frustrated and need some advice. thanks.