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  1. Project=2001 DRZ250 (titled street legal)-- Black 3.3 Clarke tank, cafe racer fairing, 75%street tires, plastic will be black I will have pictures in a couple of weeks. I'm going for a street fighter madmax look. Any suggestion or comments are welcome.
  2. DRZdualin

    10 thousand mile club

    My DRZ400S has 27,000+ miles. I bought it two years ago and it had about 16,000+ miles. It has 4 gal tank:thumbsup: 58 miles to work and back home and I use trailwings!!
  3. DRZdualin

    CS nut getting loose - any idea why?

    My cs sprocket nut came loose twice and so I bought a new one. But I also want to re-thread the end of the cs. Does anybody know for sure what die I need? Is it M18X1.5? I just wanted to find out for sure before dropping money at the hardware store. 2000 DRZ400S 2001 DRZ250 1990 Harley
  4. DRZdualin

    Front Sprocket Nut Size, etc

    Does anybody know the tread size for countershaft nut (the nut that holds front sprocket)? Is the answer M18X1.5?
  5. DRZdualin

    Primary Drive Nut - Size?

    My countershaft nut came loose, causing oil leak. I rode to the end of my road and started accelerating from intersection before I realized. I need a tap and die to re-thread! Does anyone know thread size for countershaft? Is the answer M18X1.5? I also have loctite to help prevent this from happening again.
  6. DRZdualin

    DRZ400SM commuter (highway).

    I ride almost every day (60 miles round trip) with my 2001 DRZ400S that has 27,000 miles on it and still running strong. I take my time going to work, taking back roads, different routes, and riding about 60-65 mph tops. "no need to take the highway or other high traffic road" (I have to watch for deer on wooded country road and dogs in populated areas) 2001 DRZ400S 2000 DRZ250 1990 Harley Ultra Classic
  7. DRZdualin

    Street Riding is Dangerous

    Deer are a problem here in Eastern North Carolina. I ride to work almost every day (60 miles round trip) and I see alot of deer. Not a big problem...but I guess I've been lucky!
  8. DRZdualin

    member new! questions few!

    Thanks for the help! I've decided to try 13 front and 44 rear(I had a spare rear sprocket from my DRZ400S). This will give me 108 links on my chain. I'll let you know how it went.
  9. DRZdualin

    Painting DRZ400 Plastics

    Thanks racintck! I have a 4 gal fuel tank on my 2000 DRZ400S that needs paint! I will let you know how it turns out!
  10. DRZdualin

    member new! questions few!

    Purpose for change is to increase drive ability for my wife and increase cruising speed so we can ride together !! My DRZ400 can cruise easily at 60-65 mph. This is my first 250cc bike. I also had WR400F(Way too fast )
  11. DRZdualin

    member new! questions few!

    Great forum I just bought a drz250k1 for my wife. I lowered it with longer links (stock from drz400s to save a few $) and lowered front to max. The bike falls over on level ground. Can I get a shorter stand? Also, I plan to order new sprockets and chain. If I use 14 for front sprocket, what kind of rear sprocket and chain would I need? I plan to put a dual sport kit on this bike, so if anyone knows of one for sale, let me know. '00 DRZ400S (carbon fiber black, 4 gal. tank) '01 DRZ250K (work in progress)