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  1. My first time insuring a motorcycle. Liability with Progressive, 84.00.
  4. I always use braided steel cables instead of chains, there harder to cut,, and I always use a brake disc alarm,
  5. Here's another link you might find useful,
  6. This might be useful,
  7. Can you post a photo, I'd like to see it.
  10. Just a thought but some case bolts are shorter than others, are you sure your using the correct bolt in that hole ?
  11. This kit on ebay says fits both CRF 250R, 250X 04-09
  12. Ebay says to contact the seller to request to cancel, best before sale ends.
  13. Using the wrong charger can ruin your battery. The Battery Jr. works great, your can leave it connected all winter, I see Rocky Mountain now has a Tusk Battery Tender, saves a few dollars. I always put in fresh gas and seafoam additive at the beginning of winter and try to run the bike for a while every week or two during the winter to keep the carb clean.
  14. Here's a couple sites.