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  1. rarthun

    Maintenance videos?

    Anybody checked out the basic maintenance or valve adjustment dvds sold on ebay? I have the shop manual but it seems like being able to watch somebody do some of these things once before I went charging half-blind into it would make it a lot easier. Are they worth it?
  2. rarthun

    Unibiker Radiator Guards

    I also was one of the people who had trouble mounting the Unabikers (guard support kept hitting coolant outflow). Ended up that the guard was fine but the shroud side of the radiator had been bent directly up (not noticable at 1st, 2nd ,3rd...15th glance). Bet they would have fit first try if not. Did a little dremel-tooling on the fan mount and drilled a new hole in the guard directly above the other hole and it was good as gravy. I would reiterate the Brian was helpful in trouble shooting this.
  3. rarthun

    Gotta buy a bike

    Glad you're considering a replacement. Wish you the best. Been watching craigslist-seattle for DRZs for a buddy for the last couple of months and the one mentioned posted for something like $3900 when I first saw it posted almost 2 months ago and has been appreciating ever since?!? I've seen it reposted twice and each time it was a few hundred bucks more.
  4. rarthun

    Installing Unabiker Rad Guards

    Thanks anathema. At least I know I have the support bar in the right spot - suppose I just need to do a little "finessing".
  5. rarthun

    Installing Unabiker Rad Guards

    No doom and gloom here - just looking forward to getting the DRZ protected and out on/off the road. If you can take a picture of the guards installed on your S, I would greatly appreciate it fashizzle. I'll email Brian and see if he can help me out too.
  6. rarthun

    Installing Unabiker Rad Guards

    Glad (and disappointed) to hear it isn't just the newbie having difficulty getting the Unabiker guards installed. The right side guard went on my 2000 DRZS easily but it seems like the lower support bar would have to be bent 6-7mm in order for it to use the stock holes in the guard and curve around the lower radiator outlet. Even so the bottom fan/radiator mount looks like it might need to be shaved on the bottom. I even lined up the guards with the radiator and loosely bolted them to the frame thinking that if I could get that in place it would become apparent how it all went together. It didn't. I bought my DRZ used. Is it possible this isn't the stock radiator? Anybody recognize what I'm doing wrong? I see that some people have left the support off. I'm considering drilling another whole in the guard 6-7mm higher to solve the problem but thought I would check in first. <
  7. rarthun

    What size jacket do you tall skinny people wear?

    I agree with Tedder - check out New Enough street gear and go to the "hard to fit" page New Enough - Hard to Fit. Unfortunately they don't have the hard to fit section in the dirt/dual sport apparel part of their page but some of the street gear should work if thats what you end up needing. Along those lines, I just bought a DRZ400S to go with my Bandit and so now I'm trying to find tall sizes in good dual sport gear (6'6", 190lbs) but am not having any luck. Does anybody know if any of the dirt apparel makers make tall sizes? If not will my FirstGear Kilimanjaro stuff work for Washington or am I going to be to hot?