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  1. pengu1n

    Indoor MX Track, NorthEast Area

    The place even had a dealership set up inside for sales and service. Pretty well thought out, just not enough traffic perhaps.
  2. pengu1n

    Indoor MX Track, NorthEast Area

    There was one in Syracuse NY last year or the year before that. But it went out of business... "The Edge" was the name. I never went - 70 miles is a far way to go for a ride IMO. Plus, in the winter I'm not really in riding shape, and very out of practice. So I'd probably show up and kill myself.
  3. pengu1n

    Ankle broken - Best option for care?

    Update - I went directly to an orthopedic clinic. There I got x-rays and learned it was just a severe sprain. So this is great news. I should be fine in a few weeks I would think. Going directly to the ortho clinic was a good move for me, saving me time/copays. I didn't have to go to my Primary Care Pyhsician first, then someplace else for x-rays. It was one stop shopping. And I didn't have the 3 hour wait that you typically get at an ER. This was of course only possible because my insurance allows me to go to such a place without referrals. PS: With all the limping around/favoring the bad ankle I unbalanced my spine and messed up my lower back! Today the back is actually more painful than the ankle at this point. DOH. At least I know that too will pass in a few days/weeks.
  4. I came up short yesterday on an uphill double. I must have been riding with the ball of the left foot on the peg because it immediately hyperextended up and popped. This morning I have a lot of pain and swelling and will be seeking medical attention. Im not sure if I'm better off going to my general practitioner, an immediate care center, or an ER. Any opinions? Thanks.
  5. pengu1n

    att all crf250 riders

    I really like my 05. It's my first bike really and was probably the right one to get (make/model/displacement). Bought it used, and after two seasons of riding it myself I redid the piston and put it the stainless steel vavles (FactionMX kit). I just wish I could ride more! Air filters maintenance is probably the worst thing about it.
  6. pengu1n

    Checking valves w/ head off of the bike?

    As long as you torque the Cam Holders to spec, I think the clearance would measure accurately and be the same when you put it on the bike. And considering gas costs, you should just buy a full shim kit for $60 - $80 or whatever they are.
  7. pengu1n

    One quick question

    I didn't hone. I just used a scotch brite pad and cleaned it very thoroughly so that no glaze was left.
  8. pengu1n

    ready for a CRF450?

    I would also keep the CR250 and just ride more. Add a flywheel weight, change the sprocket, etc. You could make it perfect for your ability. The 450F sounds like it would be too much. A 250F, which I have, is always more of a maintenance concern. I sometimes wish I had just gotten a 250 2T.
  9. pengu1n

    Knee Guards!

    I've got a few pair of these for 3 bucks. After significant testing, no damage. http://www.harborfreightusa.com/usa/itemdisplay/displayItem.do?itemid=46698&CategoryName=&SubCategoryName=
  10. pengu1n

    OTG Goggles

    I got a new pair of goggles for Christmas. They package says they are "OTG" Over-The-Glasses goggles. I don't wear glasses. Does anyone know the difference? I don't want to open them if I should return them. They are pretty cool thought - Scott 87 OTG goggles with the tear-off system. Thanks.
  11. pengu1n

    New Cylinder/Head Gaskets???

    I did the same and just reused the gaskets. No problems.
  12. I want to store my bike in the cellar for the rest of the winter. What do I have to do to ensure I don't have any fire hazard or get a gasoline smell in the house? I would assume I can just drain the tank completely. Then, start it up and run it until it's out of fuel. I know it's a stupid question, but I have to ask. Thanks.
  13. pengu1n

    New Piston and Rings????

    Sorry, but I have to ask - what actually happens to a piston to make it go out of spec.? Does it get 'out of round', more like an oval such that it is too big in one diameter and too small in another ??
  14. pengu1n

    What would you do?

    The intakes are in spec: .005 +/- .001 The exhausts are a little tight, should be 0.011, so if you are going to shim anything it would be those. That's pretty impressive they've lasted 2 years. I'd say shim the exhausts to spec, replace the piston and ride on.
  15. pengu1n

    What would you do?

    Those measurements are OK, so I don't know. I guess when you take it apart for the piston, have a look at the valves and seating surfaces.