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  1. I've had it dialed in for woods for a bit but gonna mx it out again and take off the heavy flywheel weight and thinking of wither a 38mm 150 carb swap or a dicks racing bore and jet it perfect with an rm necj needle I think it is.
  2. Hey guys I have an 06 sx250 and was wondering since every 300 kit seems to only start at 07 and newer.. this totally bums me out. Anyone know what the deal is why the 06 won't take it and would it work if I can find or order just a direct 300 head from a similar year (2006) sx/xc 300 with my current ignition? I feel there has to be a way and since I'm in 450C class I want any bit of power I can get.. thanks a lot.
  3. And there conventional forks! Come on man I'd be stoked if I got 1400 for it..
  4. Ya I paid 2k for this 06 2 plus years ago... And if someone was selling that same bike for the same price u would have a tough time selling yours. Hopefully ur not in the boat of some ppl who paid like the same price that there trying to sell it for but 10 years ago.. just saying.
  5. Paid 2k used a couple years ago and it's an sx250 now perfectly dialed in for the woods. Only way I'd trade this and cough up a few more g's would be a 11/12 or newer KTM or Yamaha not 2009..
  6. U seriously can't edit ur posts? Lol how stupid. I tried both mobile and desktop version..was wanting to actually have the img code so u don't have to waste time clicking links and u could just appreciate the Inexpensive price of used KTM two strokes.
  7. <a href="http://s221.photobucket.com/user/wrathchild281/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20150304_155342_zps0jek4isr.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd15/wrathchild281/Mobile%20Uploads/20150304_155342_zps0jek4isr.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20150304_155342_zps0jek4isr.jpg"/></a>
  8. I'd say 3800 to 4k or so for an 09 I feel like ur not gaining much spending any more thousands unless it's to go to knew and yes a luxury but tough to bare the rapid loss of cash investment the second u wheel it out of the dealership. U can find a nice well taken care of KTM 09 I'd assume again for the 4k ballpark and I got my mint 06 sx250 3 years ago for only 2k and it's a beauty. I'm partial of course
  9. No worries guys I'll keep researching and maybe see if I can find a good KTM 2 stroke forum since I have a KTM two stroke and my question is about a KTM 2 stroke.. ya
  10. Nothing about this topic on a KTM 2 stroke forum..nice..
  11. Hey guys I have an 06 sx 250 and had a couple questions for you. First was about the carb. I read some older reviews back from 2006 and they stated how KTM decided to switch down only a 36mm carb starting that year and how it supposed to be an upgrade for better response. I've been doing some research and see guys swapping it for a 38mm off a 125/150 and was wondering if thats just going to move the bottom and give me more over Rev. It's only a 300 dollar investment but not sure if it could match up to the dick's racing upgrades for 200 bucks more. What do you guys think? My 2nd question was pertaining to trying to maybe do the 300 kit on my bike except the cutoff year is 07 for everything it seems and I was wondering what the reason was for that and if could get a 300 cylinder from a 06 model xc or whatever and it would be using my sx ignition so it would be like an sx300 no? Not sure here any of this. Thanks