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  1. I'd go with the 350...More power, just about the same weight= More fun!!!
  2. Use some quality 2 stroke race oil (like Motorex myself) and the best pump gas you can find and thats all you need in my opinion.
  3. Supercross

    Now thats funny! Stewart rides like a bonehead. I just hope he doesnt hurt someone else!
  4. I had never heard of these until today. http://www.sedonatires.com/product/product.php?product=MX887IT%20Intermediate%20Terrain%20Rear It looks like a good tire for high desert which is what we have . Any one? The price is right too, I can get one for $62.00 Thanks.
  5. Might sound dumb but have you tried a new spark plug?
  6. Quite a bit more than what I wanna spend...Thanks though.
  7. Yeah bike is completely stock...Fast but stock...
  8. I dont know, I talked to John at PDS yesterday and he reccomended a .48 for the fronts also but a 3 for the rear..Now I am really confused! LOL! ds1434, what kind of terrain do you ride?
  9. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Ok so I have an 08 505xc that is really too soft for me some of the time. My problem is I am afraid that if I go to stiffer springs I am going to lose the plushness. I am 6'1" and about 240 with gear on.Mostly ride either super fast desert stuff with lots of big whoops or really technical stuff in the mountains. Any suggestions? thanks.
  11. I think it would be great if someone besides KTM would come up with something on their own instead of just jumping on the bandwagon..Ktm has always filled in the missing spots with a unique sized bike.The 350 seems to fill the gap between the 450 and 250 perfectly.
  12. Finally went with a Dunlop MX51 Geomax in a 120..Love it so far,it rips!
  13. I've got quite a bit of room between my tire and the chain.
  14. A 4 stroke is quite a bit harder to kick than a 2 stroke.As for a 450 being a wise choice,that entirely depends on your ability as a big 450 demands quite a bit of skill and conditioning!
  15. Thats my problem as well..Waaay too much wheelspin.Thanks for the replys.