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  1. rbullom

    yz 85 on jumps

    Just seat time is really what you need I have two yz85's and they are very light and easy to handle in air.
  2. rbullom

    favorite riding gear brand

    I am really liking the new oneal gear you should take at look at them plus they sponsor me so I get their gear for great prices.
  3. rbullom

    Crf 150r

    Ok so here is the speel; I am currently 14 and have two Yz85's one for 14-15 class and the other for supermini (This years classes.) But I also have a Crf 250f that I plan to race. My dad has given me the option of seeling my Yz's and buying me a Crf 150r. But I don't know if this is the right thing to do. There reason is because I will probably be on 80's 1 more year at most and also if the 150 will be legal to run in the 85cc classes. Thus I would sell the 150 after I am done with.