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  1. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    2004 125l, hard to start when cold

    You dont need any mods. I know once its new its a pain to start. I know from past experience. Once you get the bike going and it's idling. Leave it alone. Dont give it any gas at the moment. After that, you can tamper with the choke, to get it idling properly. What also seemed to suprisingly helped could potentially be the gas you use. I first used regular octane, and then once I started to use ultra octane, my bike fired right up. Now every spring/summer, it works perfectly fine and she fires up like no tomorrow.
  2. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    Electric Start Removal

    The e-start button is actually convenient. This is because when or if you sink your bike or for sum reason it the kick start wont work. You just push the e-start button an off you go. It's one good main advantage feature, so take full advantage of that and use it, its worth it, especially when you've had enough with kicking it too many times and get frusterated, so the e-start is evidently is very handy and useful.
  3. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    What Bike????

    Get whatever dealers are closest to you. So you can get quick repairs if your in need. Also what color do you prefer? If you like red than get Honda.
  4. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    REED ineterview

    Big ups to Reed! Yea thats true man, he only talked bout Carmichael (he did sick as well) Everyone knows that Stewart is a sore-loser. Gets back onto the track when that guy already hit the jump n they smash. Stewarts mechanic was talkngi as if if was the guys fault who hit the jump. (even thoguh he was already in the air) and even cut infront of his own Kawasaki team-mate through the whoops and also tried to take out Reed in the corner. I have no respect for Stewart anymore.
  5. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    What's on your Christmas list this year?

    I got a Dirtbike last year for Christmas in '06. I got a brand new '05 YAMAHA TTR 125LE. =D This year I want Fox Racing gear and boots, since I already have a CKX helmet, Smith goggles and Thor gloves.
  6. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    what pipe system should i use?

    pipes dont give u more power, it only gives u a differnt or louder sound.. u need engine modifications.. like rejetting to give it more power.
  7. The throttle on my 50cc dirtbike, feels loose, like when I give it gas the throttle your not getting that smooth and snug feel when your turning the throttle. As I'm riding along and also coasting, I also cannot give full throttle in any of the 4 gears or else the bike will sound like it is going to give out and eventually it does, so I usually gotta go down from 2nd gear back into 1st gear. As I go up a gear the bike actually slows down and I can feel that im not getting any acceleration, so I can basically only ride in 1st and 2nd gear, but even without full throttle, so only half way. Much help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    TOP 3 stock yamaha changes to TTR 125

    absolutely nothing wroong with the ttr 125. i was just up at my buddy's cottage last weekend and they bike was able to go throgh swamps, over rocks and everything. So i think its fine the way it is. the performance its fantastic!
  9. What is the diffreence between the CR250F and the CRF250? I know the CRF250 is a 4 stroke but is the CR250F (dual exhaust) a 4 stroke as well? Like are they both 4 strokes only one bike has dual exhaust and the other doesn't? So like, if they're both 250, 4 strokes, its just deciding whether you want dual exhaust or not?
  10. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    Back in action. *pics*

    is your TTR 125, stock? ..cuz ur doing sum good jumping with it!
  11. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    Which is Better?

    would u guys think a YZ 125 would be okay for me?.. I am not that tall as well. I am only 5'6 and I am also 125 lbs. My neighbor just bought a used '03 YZ 125 and its pretty sick. He just had his first race on Tuesday. I tried sitting on it..its nice and light, but its just a bit too tall. When I am sittin on the bike my righ foot is on the right peg and my left foot is on the ground. Its just that, if I race his bike, how am I gonan do this at the starting line? ..ebcause I ahve to pop the clutch n just goo!
  12. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    1month old 06CRF250 rattling noise in motor, what is it?

    I think my 50cc has the same problem as your bike.. like it rattles and i can only ride in gear 1 and 2. If I go into gear 3 or 4, it wants to bog out and die.
  13. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    Black or Silver engine

    go with the silver eng. white bike.. it looks soo dirtyyy!
  14. Does anyone know where there are dirtbike tracks in Toronto or in the GTA. Maybe someone on this site that rides offroad 4 strokes and knows where these certain special types of tracks where just these bikes can race, like a TTR125, DRZ125, KLX125, CRF150.. so plz help me out on this thanks.
  15. Yamaha_Dirtbiker

    New TTR 125LE

    Using Super aka premium gas, actually makes the bike run better considering that its more cleaner gas. I always use premium in my bike, it makes the overall performance much better.