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  1. hondarulz

    1987 honda 350 all wheel drive drive shaft removal

    Front or rear shaft?
  2. Does anybody have one of these and what do you like and dislike about it? What is the top speed on it? How is it off road? What kinda mpg does it get? Reliablity? Trying to decide between this and the Honda 650L.
  3. hondarulz

    2002 CRF450R Air Cleaner Housing

    I have an 04 will this air boot mod help my bike? (I assume your are talking about the boot between the carb and air box???) Also which year is best to get 05 or 06. Is there anything special you have to do with the gasket on the air box, replace it, oem, aftermarket, or leave it alone????? What kind of gains will I get by doing this?
  4. hondarulz

    Wiseco 440 or 426?

    I have had a 426 with stage 2 cam and ported head I didn't like it. I liked the 416 with the XR400 cam and ported head way better lots of bottom end power. The 426 with the stage 2 cam was to much like a to stroke useless!!! Also both had the highest compresson piston for that size. I am going to put the XR400 cam in my wifes bike soon.
  5. hondarulz

    Honda 1986 Big Red not Charging

    I have a 1986 Big Red 250 ES three wheeler and it wont charge the battery, it will run without one, but over time it will drain the battery down. Anyone have any ideas of what this might be?
  6. hondarulz

    What causes this?

    I noticed mine doing that to the other day. I am pretty sure it is a carb. thing, not sure if it is a wrong setting or just normal. Let me know if you find out!
  7. hondarulz


    Mine did the same thing. I road it for a while and it got much easier (about a day). Mine was in spec also.
  8. First off I would like to thank everyone for there help I don't know what I would do without this site!!!! I must have gotten it right it has not used a drop of oil or smoked one bit! Just a little update this was an 04 with the classic valve issue. The Intake valves were in bad shape so was the intake seats. The exhaust valves were not as bad, but bad, the exhust seats were not to bad. I checked the old head after I removed it with the carb. cleaner trick to check for leakage and it was leaking on almost every valve. So I put an OEM 06 head with a complete Kibblewhite valve set and springs. I also smoothed out the ports. With of coarse a new piston, rings and wrist pin. It seems much harder to start (compression wise)! WOW does it run awesome now I can't believe the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does stay reved up sometimes (just a little bit) when i let off the trottle but it did it before the rebuild also. I will repost this question. I can't thank you all enough!!!! I hope to be able to repay the favor someday!!!!!
  9. OEM, the Honda piston and rings.
  10. I just freshed up my motor and when I put it together I am not sure if I put the upper piston ring in right side up. What kind of damage could this lead to if it is installed upside down? Should I tear it back down just to check for that or let it ride. I mean there is a 50/50 chance I got it right. I just about have it fully broke in. Thanks for any help!!!
  11. hondarulz

    06 head backorder how long?

    Does anybody know how long the 06 Honda heads are going to be on backorder for?
  12. hondarulz

    06 head on 04 motor??

    Can you put an 06 head on an 04 motor? Trying solve my valve adjusting problems once and for all, along with new valves. I didn't know if I could continue to use my 04 cam, exhaust, intake, etc. I heard the valve seats were soft on the 04 head. Thanks for any help yall can provide!!!
  13. hondarulz

    Cleaning Front Fork tubes

    No, I meant the gold part. Mine has pits or some kinda spots on it from being left outside by the previous owner. The rest of the bike cleans up so good except that part.
  14. hondarulz

    2004 crf450 low compression