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  1. I thought that bend was normal for a muzzy?? I can remember seeing that when I got mine for my SM. I figured it was an attempt for a certain flow and sound. Muzzy will know, but I wouldnt worry about it.
  2. Skidooer

    Might be Piston Problem Knocking Sound

    Do NOT let this go any longer, doesn't sound good to me. I let mine go for a few thousand miles with a slightly different rattle noise I could never figure out, until my rod bearing let loose causing more damage . . . If you can't look at these things yourself, take it to a shop you trust and have them do the things that have been suggested here. Get him to show you the piston/barrell and replace if necesary. GOood luck
  3. Skidooer

    Fan Question

    Thank you. I am not loosing coolant so prob not overheating, just want to make sure. As far as jetting. I have a 160 main jet, 25 pilot, 5th clip needle, and 2.5 turns out on fuel screw with mods listed above. Do I really need bigger than a 160 main jet? Havent heard of people running much bigger. In Ontario fairly close to sea level I believe. Have a hesitation as said above about half to 3/4 throttle, most noticable crusing highway speed.
  4. Skidooer

    Fan Question

    Hi, Well kinda 2 questions. 1) I just put a new engine in my DRZ end of last season due to a failed rod bearing. Runs great. Except I notice it is pretty hot to touch the head after a ride, can't remember what it was usually like and dont have a temp gun. Light has never came on and fan has not came on yet. Is there a good way to test the fan sensor? Im sure im just paranoid but it was running a little rough tonight but that could just be due to my next comment 2) 3x3, full muzzy, DJ kit on BSR36. Can't remember my jetting but it hesitates from about 1/2 or 3/4 while cruising highway speed. Raised needle from 4th to 5th and not much different. Goona try a bigger main jet, possibly 160, can't remember whats in there. Am I on the right track? Not a jetting expert. Thanks
  5. Skidooer

    street legal supermoto in ontario

    On that note, anyone know if a street legal DRZ SM with a stock metal tank can run a plastic tank legally?
  6. Skidooer

    drz400sm stock sliders on ebay for $10

    He is right, Eddie did recommend these at one time (not sure if still). Just use the all-thread with lock-nuts and they'll work alot better. I had them and seemed to be a great alternative for the price. Now I have a honkin set of Delrin Customs and they are much beefer. But common guys for alot of people these will work great for added protection and only a few pennies.
  7. Skidooer

    Compression Testing???

    Lots of talk about compression test with an auto-decompressor . . . but how about without one? (ie. old Hotcams) Anyone know a value a fresh engine should sit near? (E-gasket).
  8. Skidooer

    A mean trick played on me 2day

    Friends like that are good to have . . . keep you on your toes!
  9. Skidooer

    How far off are my cams?

    Lol, I love it when people pick out background things. Wolfy, suggest you do some reading on here, lots of posts and info on how to do this. By the sounds of it Eddie had your cams and they are good. So if your crank timing mark was lined up correctly with your stock cams when they ran it should be the same for these. PS. its hard to confirm alignment without the cams fully seated! Im hoping you atleast got some 1 piece valves out of the mistake. When you get it figured out, make sure you atleast spin it over by hand first.
  10. Skidooer

    Another one bites the dust.......Engine PICS ADDED !

    Your big end bearing is shot. That's my guess off the hop. Same thing happened to mine with the same symptoms except I had metal shavings
  11. Skidooer

    aluminum anodize spray paint

    I've used the Dupli-color Metalcast annodized paint with good results. Here is a link to the write-up I did a few years back How-To Do Annodized Painting Not sure if its still avail. on their server. Basically, just use the paint no primer. Polish your metal part to a max shine. Apply 2 or 3 coats. The more coats the less the "metallic shine". Then apply many coats of clearcoat. It will provide a very nice looking finish however is not very durable. Any parts that have any contact to them do not use this (ie. stone chips, boots etc). I have several parts on my bike painted, will try to post some pics sometime.
  12. Skidooer

    Home Made Valve Removal Tool (Pics)

    Nice Job. Another easy way I found was to use a deep socket and cut out a window from the side. Sockets can be found pretty cheap. I forget what size I used.
  13. Skidooer

    Stator/starter clutch loctite procedure question

    Like ROUNDEYEHELMETHEAD said. 1 washer and goes behind the gear. Nothing on the cover side, you'll notice by the differences in the shaft and washer diamters. What others were sayin is also correct. Technically there are 2 washers behind the gear. 1 on each side of the circlip. But I dont think you removed the circlip so just put the 1 washer then the gear back on.
  14. I have a scratched up black exhuast side panel plastic. Doubt you'll want that? I am also looking for a new cond. exhuast side panel plastic and headlight shroud, both black, that is if there are more than 1 offer.
  15. Skidooer

    Knocking from front of engine

    Check out all the things just mentioned with the valve assembly first. Then check things like exhuast bolts/springs, skidplate, etc. I also noticed a change in noise similar to what you described and after not being able to find anything anywhere, and the bike run great, I left it. It ran great for several thousands of kms. My engine is now apart because of a rod bearing! Not to scare you but make you aware. What oil are you running?