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  1. What style swing arm? Triangle? If so I have one for sale, shoot me an offer
  2. Are they pretty easy to install?
  3. Alright, if no one is interested I guess I will just put it on ebay.
  4. Well, the bike is out at the cottage, and I will be going there tomorrow. I will see what gearing it has but whatever it has it is stock. The only thing I changed on the bike was the shock, but I will be changing the throttle this weekend. Also, I know those things have no impact on the overall speed. But as I said I drove down an open stretch of road and my wife followed in our Explorer
  5. the bike is all stock except for the rear shock
  6. What bike/motor are you running. I have an SSR125 C3 and my wife followed my down an open road and I pretty much maintained 47-49mph while hitting 50,51 here and there. I was pretty surprised
  7. If anyone is interested I have this rear shock for sale. My buddy bought it off of ebay here The one for sale is the same shock except it has a 550lb spring instead of the 250lb one in the auction. He put it on his bike, sat on it, and took it off. The shock is made for an "A" style (triangle) swing arm not the straight style like my buddy and most others, including myself, have. If anyone is interested please let me know.
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread, but will that size uni filter fit any stock carb? I have a SSR125 C 3 and was wondering what size uni filter I need. Thanks
  9. OK, I gave him my old C3 shock but he says he ordered this one, how will they compare? I told him the one I gave him off my C3 would work better, what do you all think?
  10. Does anyone know what the spring rate is for a stock shock that comes on the SSR-C3 Reason I ask is, I recently bought a replacement shock for my C3 but a buddy of mine who is in need of a new rear shock would like to knoe. I was going to give him the stock C3 shock but he would like to know the spring rate incase he needs to just buy a new one instaed (he is kinda low on cash) Thanks
  11. So then I made a good chice on getting this one
  12. Thanks, email sent
  13. Thanks. does SGR sell similar shocks? maybe this one?
  14. So does anyone know atlease if any of these shocks will fit an ssr?