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  1. I just picked up my first bike today, a 94 DR350, it's all street legal except on the tires it says "Not For Highway Use". I plan on trying to get it plated tomorrow but do you guys think I'll run into problems? Wondering how strict they are? I know of a shady garage about 15 miles away that I'm sure it'll pass But I'm sketched out on riding it far w/o tags and I don't have a truck to haul it. Thanks, Jay
  2. parkcityxj

    Too big for XR250R?

    Hey guys, I'm complete newbie to bikes and I've got an itchy trigger finger as every bike I've called on has been snagged as soon as it's listed in the classifieds and I'm dying to get one. I found a really nice and hardly ridden 94 XR250RS for $1800 obo. This will be my first bike I've owned, I'm 31, 6'3" and 190 lbs. I have pretty limitied riding experience, but I've been on some mellow trails rides. I'm looking to make it street legal for putting around town and riding w/my friends. The guys I'll primarly be riding w/have a WR426 and DRZ400. I'm not interested in hucking it, just trying to hang w/these guys on the single track mtn trails here in UT and some desert trips. Will the 250 have adequate power for me or will I be wanting more power after a few weeks? Will this cruise on the freeway for 15 miles or so to get to trails? Or will it be screaming at readline and causing prolonged damage? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks..