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  1. CFC Motosports

    Riding Alone

    Whatever dude...joined REI in 1980's when I used to downhill ski alot. You are missing out on things like the deal I just got on the Spot and their "used gear sales" which are really just anything that's been returned from customers like the $140 boots I scored last sale for $15 and they were brand new never even worn outside! I don't shop there alot but when I do it's for my benefit.
  2. CFC Motosports

    Riding Alone

    Revised my plan! Spot Gen3 is 50% off ($75 rebate purchased by 9/14/15) plus $15 REI dollars earned on member purchase and I have a $20 member bonus card...so end device cost is only $40 for me. Plus you get 20% off service plan for refering a friend so a riding buddy & I are refering each other when signing up. Service plan ends up at $120 year. You can send a custom text, an I'm OK (check in), I need help (like - stuck, broken down or out of gas), and a full SOS ( I need rescue ). Realize that you need clear sky and it may take minutes for signal to send. Main goal is having something so wife doesn't worry so much when out riding; even with others reviews are decent: http://www.rei.com/product/860469/spot-gen3-satellite-gps-messenger 50% rebate: http://www.findmespot.com/SummerSavings/index.html?refer=FrontpageBanner
  3. CFC Motosports

    Riding Alone

    Think I'm going with this: http://www.inreachdelorme.com/product-info/inreach-explorer.php http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Personal-Locator-Beacon-Reviews/DeLorme-InReach-SE-Satellite-Messenger
  4. CFC Motosports

    California Riding Alone

    Some of us ride alone on occasion. I have in the past and probably will in the future. In light of recent missing Georgetown rider; my wife is protesting that I ride alone on day trips; not talking about short rides from a camping spot. I do take some precautions like only riding in an area I'm very familiar with, letting her know trail route and estimated time and even leaving a copied high-lighted trail map with route on dashboard of truck in staging area. Been giving some serious thought to getting a tracking unit. Attached is an article on three choices; anyone have any experiance with any of these or others?
  5. CFC Motosports

    Lunch @Foresthill with a bear

    Thanks for pic. There are alot of bears at Foresthill. Last time camping there in group of 4 -5 trailers the first 2 nights then just us the last night when bear hit us up for some fresh grapes & a full watermelon. The bear even used the grocery store bag to haul off his find....lol. Still have the ice chest with the teeth marks on it. There was fresh scat right in front of our trailer that morning and across from that there were ripe berries growing so we were in his area. Really glad he was quiet and we didn't have a confrontation. Another trip, the year before, a large bear was harassing the tent campers across from us; returning several times from dusk till dawn. They were really freaked out. The next morning, talking to them, they described a bear so large that on all fours his back was taller than highest point on a camping chair at their site. I always pack bear spray and a 357 when camping now. I also look around first thing in morning before letting my dogs out of trailer. Not really too worried though cause they seem to avoid humans as much as possible and don't like dirtbikes either.
  6. CFC Motosports

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery comments

    Thanks for the informative post! My wife just had this surgery 6 days ago and this will be read for her. She's hoping to return to semi normal activity within 4 weeks including her work in medical field.
  7. Broke an ankle bad in 2002 wearing Alpinestars. Started wearing Sidi Crossfire/Crossfire SRS ever since and really like them for comfort and protection. I have a pair for Supermoto and another for Dirt.
  8. Rode it about a month ago and just note that there is alot of poison oak grown over on trail 6. I don't usually get it but got it bad and still have scars from it 4 weeks later,
  9. CFC Motosports

    Help Carnegie svra double in size. It's easy.

    Done. There is a public meeting Next Monday too! Carnegie Forever Keep Carnegie SVRA open! TUESDAY 12, MAY 2015 RED ALERT-Livermore City Council Meeting on Mon 5/18 The Preliminary General Plan and Draft Environmental Report (EIR) for our park’s expansion are on the agenda of the Livermore City Council. Let’s show up in big numbers and demand to be heard on behalf of our recreation rights. Please attend this meeting and let your friends, especially those who live or work in Livermore, to attend also. Livermore City Council Meeting Monday May 18th, 2015 at 7:00 PM 3575 Pacific Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550 Come early to get seats-last City Council meeting was standing-room only. If you can’t attend, send a message to your city officials listed here: http://www.cityoflivermore.net/citygov/council/default.asp OK here we go. Finally the years of research, meetings, more research and more meetings are reaching a conclusion about the new Preliminary Carnegie Master Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report which when approved, will eventually open the gate to the additional 3,100 acres purchased in the 1990’s. Please be aware that the people who tried to close Carnegie 4 years ago have NEVER given up and will be flooding State Park administrative offices with emails and opposition letters. We MUST outdo them. Here are the steps to finally getting this done. If you can’t attend the meeting in person, below are some other things you can do. 1. Send a support letter or email before June 8th to: http://www.carnegiegeneralplan.com/DEIR-comments In a simple statement, document your approval for the plan. Block implementation of any specific items that will take place over many years and have to get environmental approval after additional user input. We HAVE to get our foot in the door and see this project approved after waiting and supporting it for over 15 years. 2. Join the Park’s mailing list at: http://www.carnegiegeneralplan.com/get-involved 3. Be informed. Below are frequently asked questions and answers: http://www.carnegiegeneralplan.com/faqs See an overview and schedule of implementation below: http://www.carnegiegeneralplan.com/project-overview Our generation has a challenge to get this new recreation area open for future generations. It is our civic duty and when accomplished it will prove our mettle and make those who end up using the new park for years to come proud of our efforts. We hope to have your support and we thank you for it. Dave Duffin, Board Chairman Carnegie Forever Inc. back to top Forward this email to a friend. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe. Dave Duffin, Carnegie Forever, 344 Westline Drive, Ste. C113, Alameda, CA 94501
  10. CFC Motosports

    Free ride area in Norcal?

    I think he means an area where you can ride anywhere you want: not just on designated trails.
  11. CFC Motosports

    (((((((( Single Track Junkies ))))))))

    If you know where it was; don't post it.
  12. CFC Motosports

    (((((((( Single Track Junkies ))))))))

    They were following the Speed Limit Sign posted by the Sierra Club and were going even slower cause someone dropped their AARP card somewhere on that trail....LOL They also were trying not to tear up the pristine trail with their vicious knobbies!
  13. CFC Motosports

    (((((((( Single Track Junkies ))))))))

    More single track footage
  14. CFC Motosports

    (((((((( Single Track Junkies ))))))))

    small part of Last Sundays Ride:
  15. CFC Motosports

    (((((((( Single Track Junkies ))))))))

    Single Track.....LOL Best part is the guys entertained by watching rider go around and around...and around.....