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  1. drifts on the street, pilots are garbage
  2. I'm running drifts on the street. Ran pilots for a few days recently and they are as bad as the stock tires. Back with the slicks now and im having fun again
  3. Well I sure am glad I dont live in Washington:ride:
  4. FWIW, I didnt have probs doing this on my SM with a standard driver. The biggest pain in the ass was getting the carb out and back in. It's alot easier with an extra set of hands tho
  5. That sucks man, but dont get too down. It's all peaks and valleys. We've all been there. It'll get much better once you get it all straightened out. You've paid so many bad-luck dues lately, you'll be all-good and worry-free for quite some time in the future.
  6. You could of saved a few grand by not hiring an attorney right away. You're first courtday is just an arraignment and that'll cost at least $2000 in lawyer fees in itself(waste of money). You're entitled to a public defender so use them, they're free. Pick his/her brain, see what you're up against, what charges, penalties, jailtime, etc. You might get a good deal on a plea-bargain. If you really want to go to trial, then hire an attorney. Also, FWIW, I once had a wet-reckless driving conviction and instead of paying all that money, I opted to do the jail time which was 2 days. I was able to do 1 day on a friday and the next on the following friday. The trick was checking in at the last minute before 5 pm and because it's considered "1 day" at midnight, youre quickly released. ;-) It also helped that I was bs'ing and jokin around with the sheriffs cuz instead of spending the time in general population, I stayed by myself in a holding cell with a comfy couch and tv.
  7. I've been an electrician for 12 years. I only rock Klein tools. They have been the industry standard for many years. Theyre worth the extra couple of bucks. I'll take them over anything even snap-on can offer electrical-wise... Invest in a multimeter. Makes it easier to troubleshoot any electrical problems. PM me if you need any help
  8. Im from SF too. Why the **** did you leave it outside? First thing i'd do after talkin to the cops is go drive around every housing project in the city for teh next few weeks depending on how hard core you are and keep checkin craigslist and ebay. if you get a bead on anything, let me know. Im sure I can "assist" you in some way or another.
  9. I'd like to have one handy for very long rides
  10. night pix
  11. cyclegear?
  12. After I bought my drz to work the first few days, everyone just assumed it was a street-legal "dirtbike" or "enduro" at first sight. Now, when addressing these accusations, I made sure it was on "company time" so I could break it all down to them thoroughly. :lol I've been getting alot more compliments lately with the same starting sentence..."the more I check out your bike, the more i'm liking it":ride: It was funny on the first day I brought her to work, my boss thought I was just talkin smack about the bike and asked me if I could smoke this other guy's brand new BMW k1200 who works with us. I said ya, if it was in the city. He likes to gamble alot and his face got red and started shouting "HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET" I said whatever, I'll match it. He says, "OK FROM HERE ACROSS TOWN TO BEALE ST BAR AND GRILL FOR 1000 DOLLARS". I say "sure" cuz i know these streets like the back of my hand and which routes are the best at any time of day or night. So he goes running off inside and tells the bmw rider to race me and he'll go $500 with him on it. The BMW rider jumps at it at first but then asks what bike I had..when he found out, he didnt want to. :lol
  13. thanks
  14. lookin good! so exactly how loud is that pipe?
  15. thanks dude, I would like to see 2 as well...just not on mine. too much overkill for me