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  1. Swanny40

    December Racing

    Not sure what type of racing you are wanting but check out www.race-toro.org for cross country racing. It is a great organization and the races are a bunch of fun. Swanny
  2. Swanny40

    06 450 in the woods

    Skid plate and bark busters to start.
  3. Swanny40

    SMS Racing BSGP "buddy race" in Denton TX. Nov 12th

    I will be there. I am racing the under 30 amature race. We will have numbers C111 and C112 on our bikes. Swanny
  4. Swanny40

    Anybody do worcs races on stock tank?

    If the WORCS race at Mesquite is anything like the WORCS race in Decatur, TX then the track will not be very technical. It was motocross, open field racing, and one man made rock section. Swanny
  5. Swanny40

    2006 YZ450F Questions..

    You are due an oil change. I change my oil and filter every other ride. It uses one oil, not two. Make sure you start the bike up and let it run for a minute before changing the oil. Swanny
  6. Swanny40

    Anybody do worcs races on stock tank?

    You should have no problem. I have done 30+ miles of moderate paced trail riding on the stock tank of my '06 450F. I did a WORCS race on my old YZ250 on a stock take with no problems.
  7. Swanny40

    might move to arkansas hows the riding?

    Where in AR are you going to move? The terrain varies greatly depending on where you are in the state. The north is hilly and rocky. The south is flat and sandy.
  8. Swanny40

    Anyone doing the TORO races in TX this year?

    I'll be racing the TORO series this year. I raced the year before last and the year before that. The races are very well organized and usually start right on time. The races are very fun and the courses are a blast. Swanny
  9. That was the TCCRA race at Crow Park. From what I have heard it is city property and it not open for riding. I went out yesterday and rode a few laps. It was a pretty fun place to ride. Smelled a little though. Swanny
  10. Swanny40

    Oil Filter On 06

    I change my oil every other ride and my oil filter every other oil change. No problems so far. Not sure about the interchangability of the 426 oil filter and the 450 oil filter but if you can use a 450 oil filter on a 426 then you can probably use a 426 oil filter on a 450. You could always buy one of each and put them side by side to see if there is any difference. Swanny
  11. Swanny40

    Tweaked front end

    You might try putting your bike on a stand and loosening your triple clamp bolts and axle pinch bolts and then spin your wheel and hit the front brakes it might straighten everything out for you. Swanny
  12. Swanny40

    where should I send my shock??

    +1 on SMS racing. They rebuilt my YZ250 rear shock. Brian is a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with. Swanny
  13. Swanny40

    OTD pricing

    I bought my '06 YZ450F from them with no issues. They were really nice and professional. Plus if you are out of state they don't charge you sales tax which really helps bring the cost down. Let me know if you have any other questions. Swanny
  14. Swanny40

    06 450 YZF Track or TRAIL?

    +1. I am coming off of an '03 YZ250 two-stroke and my friends are really impressed on how much faster I have gotten on the '06 YZ450F. The bike is awesome in the trails. I ride almost all trails and the bike feels very quick and nimble. Swanny
  15. Swanny40

    OTD pricing

    Try Altus Motorsports. They might not be that far from you dependin on where you are in Kansas. They were very easy and pleasant to deal with. www.altusmotorsports.com Swanny