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  1. I have been having trouble finding a 230 linkage to purchase. Wat do i have to do if I will still be using the stock 150 linkage??? Thanks
  2. I have a used fmf I would let go for cheap... let me know if interested.
  3. I did the yz 85 and they work great. You can pretty much fit up any yz pegs up with a little grinding. Its easy, and totally worth it. Just do it.
  4. yz80 carb with powernow and different needle and jets. Super snappy!!! Hard to figure out the jetting but great carb. I have also had the 200x carb and liked it. Stock carb gets teh :smirk: for me. Holds back so much, and has very gay choke set up.
  5. Search this thread for a steering stem spacer. It is like a spacer about 2 actual "quarter" money pieces thick. Two washers from your local hadrware store will do. Its just a maybe or to make it fit better. You might not need to, but If i remember correctly I had to. For $2 might as well pick some up just incase.
  6. Fits right up. I have done it with the kx.
  7. WOW! Check out the classifieds! Some pretty cool stuff under the yamaha parts category. Maybe someone's TTR will get a little bit of love over the holidays
  8. +1. Thats what i did with mine.
  9. Hey, I have a 5.4 spring that is currently on my yz85 rear conversion!!! If you could deal with .1 lower than what you want, I can give you a great deal on it. pm me
  10. Hey its been a while since I have been on here. I also have a BBR 150 bbk to sell... And BBR Rev box... And BBR filter kit. pm me if your serious about picking anything up.
  11. I have the BBR cam in a mostly stock engine (still a 125cc) and it works great. Better mid and top end power. Search back and you can find some really good info.
  12. Well I rode my bike this weekend. SUPER PLUSH. still need to order my new springs and get one of those trick crf450r brake resivors. Got the airbox in, but not hooked up yet. I will be just using some radiator hose from checker auto and fabbing it up. I will also be installing my new black top tripple clamp and Tag fat bars.
  13. One quick ? will that trial bikes box fit a 2004 crf150f ??? It looks like all hondas from 50 to 230f use the same one?? 50, 70, 80, 100, 150, 230?? Thanks
  14. I have some forks wheel brakes and swingarm from the little wheel. I could trade or sell them to you if you want. And I also have some stock seat foam you could play with to see if shaving is a do or dont. shoot me a pm.
  15. Here is just an update on how things are going: I put the .36 springs and some 20W oil in the rm85 forks this weekend and installed them on the bike. Looks great! The BBR shock spring is on and the shock is looking good. I have cleaned up the swingarm and somewhere in this whole proccess I lost one of the swingarm cover bushings. Where it bolts to the frame. Need to order one of those. Im still waiting on a crf230 triangle piece to buy so i can put the shock on. I got the carb in and ordered my throttle cable. Also put a powernow in it. Still need to buy a throttle assembly. The crf150 wheel wont fit the rm85 forks right so I also need to buy a complete rm85 front brake system and front wheel. I bought a rm85 big wheel with black prowheel rim HD prowheel spokes and a powdercoated hub from a friend. Still looking for some brakes. Check back for pics in about a month when Im done. Being in school and sports makes it hard to find time to work on the bikes.