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  1. forgot to tell everyone i changed the spark plug to.
  2. so my bikes been sitting for about 2 weeks. which it usually does any ways and now it wont even start. i have kicked the crap out of it trying to get it to even show a sign of wanting to turn over and it wont. i nearly broke the stand that the bike is on trying to get it started. (the stands no longer any use. all bent and hte bike is tilted cuz the stand is no longer straight) any body have any clues what it could be. i have drained the float bowl i dont know how many times.any help or suggestions would be great. thanks.
  3. i drilled a little more out and now i have enough threads to hold hte shroud on. it feels like it holds strong but when the plastic is off it looks like crap but who will see that any ways. the gas tank is the only thing i dont like about my yamaha. they should of thought of a better way to do that so the bolts wouldnt get stuck.
  4. i tried drilling it out and all it did was make a situation just as bad! but its probly my own doing anyways. when i drilled thru the head it broke off w/ the bolt inside the nut or what ever you want to call it. so i had no room to turn it. so i drilled it out and totally screwed up the threads of the nut. so im thinking i might just use a tap and try and re tap the nut and just use a bigger bolt there. or go to the local yamaha dealer and buy one of those new nuts and try and take hte old one out.
  5. what kind of price for the 3.2 gallon tank?
  6. i was thinking about drilling it out. what size bit did you use? only thing is im afraid of messing up the threads on the nut or what ever you call it thats in the gas tank.
  7. i have an 06 yz250f and the screw for the shroud is spinning in the tank and i have messed with it for about half an hour. shroud is off(i cut it off, have new plastics coming in tomorrow) but the guy at the dealerships wants about $90 labor to pull it out and another dealership said they wont even mess with it becuase pulling it out might put a whole in the tank? so does any body have any hints to getting it out or is any body selling a 2006 yz250f gas tank for a reasonable price?
  8. i just added a yoshimura rs2 slip on exhaust. i am having a bog when i am in 1 or 2 gears to high and i get on it. before the exhaust it would not bog i cant even get a wheelie going it bogs and cant hold the wheelie up. in the high rpms the bike runs great. any suggestions on how to fix this. im sure its been covered some where else and i have talked to mechanics and many friends and i am getting very different answers. any advice would be appreciated.
  9. i ended up ordering a slip on from motoxoutlet for $299. cheapest place i could find on the internet should be coming in tomorrow so i can have it on and mess w/ everything to get it tuned by my race on sunday.
  10. im thinking about purchasing a yoshimura rs2 slip on. but first i was wondering how anyone who has it would rate it and know where the pipe helps w/ power.
  11. im 6' and roughly 140 lbs give or take a few. the rear suspension is great i think for me and im gonna adjust the front next time im out to soften it up a bit.
  12. has anyone tried the fastway evo footpegs? any complaints on them?
  13. i am way to light for a 450 in the woods. i have talked to my friend who used to be a mechanic and he said the boyseon accelerator pump is a waste of money unless you are having problems w/ a bog. he suggested either a slip on or cams and i found intake/exhaust for $260 so thats why i was considering cams in the first place. the low end isnt bad at all on my bike even with the gearing i just ride my bike in a higher gear than most people in the woods and it would be nice to have a little more snap in the low-mid range when i got on it. i have no complaints on my bike right now im just looking on ways to get more power out of my bike to make it better. i never really liked the stock gearing that came on the bike the gears were to short for me i thought.
  14. any suggestions on slip on pipes? i was thinkin yoshi rs2 comp slip on but i would like to hear what people think of all the different pipes and what kind of power it adds and where.
  15. my 06 yzf starts easily. it can be 40 degrees outside and it starts on the first few kicks. i am amazed how good the bike will start in cold weather compared to all the other bikes i have ever owned.