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  1. bummer...looks like I'm going to have to pony up another $50
  2. I was on the phone with the order when they told me my code had expired a few days ago. No luck there. Anyone else?
  3. unfortunately everything that came up was 6 months old or older. I already tried that.
  4. It should be there, it's just hidden. It is at the very bottom of the "shipping confirmation" email
  5. no one? I'd like to place the order today.
  6. The TT store doesn't carry what I need, RM does. I understand about backorders, but I've ordered bo items from them before and it's only been a couple weeks. They've been very reasonable to me.
  7. I was planning on using my 10% coupon on my next order, and just spaced it by two days...drrr...I have a good chunk of stuff on hold right now, ready to be ordered. Has anyone made a recent purchase within the last 30 days with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC? If you have and you aren't planning on making another purchase w/in the 30 day period, could you please pm me your coupon code? TIA.
  8. I can't go off my old chain because I converted the bike to supermoto a few years ago. I'm trying to build up a dirt set-up now to be able to switch back and forth. IIRC stock length is 114 links, but I can't remember stock gearing (high 40's and I believe a 14 CS, but I just can't remember).
  9. I know it's been asked, but I can't seem to find the size of chain I will need for my 2000 YZ426F. I know it's 520, but if I want to up the sprocket in the rear a bit (say to a 50t) what length do I need?
  10. I actually have a PMB stand that I can't use now that I supermoto'd my 426. Let me know if you're interested.
  11. How much did you end up getting it for?
  12. that's crazy...